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    Emptyset present ash — a new collection of sound experiments developed over the last three years and assembled in Bristol during summer 2023.

    The work draws on the project's roots in structural percussion and physical sonics, employing spatialised recording techniques and an array of analogue hardware,evoking the transformative and sculptural properties of sound.

    The release marks a return for the collaborative duo of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas, following Ginzburg's work within the exploratory performance group Osmium and Purgas' extensive research into the history of India's first electronic music studio. It brings them back to Bristol where the project first began, channeling the echoes of the city's sound system culture and resonant musical continuum, anchoring their sound within its formative origins.

    Ash Ra Tempel

    Ash Ra Tempel - 50th Anniversary Edition

      Ash Ra Tempel is the eponymous debut studio album by the Krautrock band Ash Ra Tempel. It features guitarist Manuel Göttsching with drummer Klaus Schulze and bassist Hartmut Enke. Engineered by Conny Plank it was recorded in March 1971 and released in June 1971 on Ohr Records.This 50Th Anniversary Album is released in memoriam of all the musical contributors to this release and on Manuel Göttsching´s MG.ART label.

      It's the fourth and headlining edition in this series and was finalised, carefully overseen by Manuel Göttsching himself in the late Autumn of 2022.

      Much has been written about the record and band. Having finished a first musical chapter with their Steeple Chase Bluesband and still at the very young age of only 17 and 18 years old Manuel Göttsching and Hartmut Enke met Klaus Schulze. Together they started to write and compose what, to many, became one the holy grails of Psychedelic Rock and early Electronic Music – the German variant which was later also named “Krautrock”:

      “The trio of Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching and Hartmut Enke decided to abandon conventional composition and songwriting, in favour of free-form improvising and developing a new musical language. As such, they became notorious for jams that could exceed 30 minutes.” Says Discogs. “Some of these recordings can be found on Manuel Göttsching´s “The Private Tapes” releases”, which will be re-released on MG.ART as well, following this edition.“

      AllMusic called the album "both astonishingly prescient and just flat out good, a logical extension of the space-jam-freakout ethos into rarified realms.”

      Here we would like the Band to be heard, for what can easily be said as the first time in 50+ years, with the exception of some early Journalists for whom the young Manuel Göttsching wrote a statement of intent (the original text can be found inside this edition) as following:

      “Our musical concept is based on a combination of blues rock and delicate collages of electronic sound. These two elements should remain inseparable. And in their complex unity, the different musical philosophies of each musician find a common sweet spot. Our music is a permanently impulsive experience left to develop as it will, starting from a common fixed point of departure. This is where the difficulty of the music begins: No standardized formulation of our music can and should be possible. Only the constant reaction within the band can determine the musical result. And this requires constant listening with full concentration on the part of the creators. The idea of a particular musician will be – if flexible enough – absorbed by the others, transposed to their own instrument, and reflected back into the music as an individual contribution. This reciprocity within the band is then transferred over to the audience. And this process means that their reaction is not only a contribution to the end result; it actually makes them jointly responsible for the creation of the final musical product. …

      On our album, the track “Amboss” represents the first layer. Conventional instruments communicate familiar music which is in part expanded through electronic means. In the second track of the album – “Traummaschine” – the actual basic sound approach is dissolved into an electronic Nirvana which no longer allows the concrete identification of actual instruments. Innocent, virgin listening, free from any and every association, can finally begin – and the music can be absorbed and processed free from the limitations of categorization. That is the purpose of our music: To convey freedom without any predetermined criteria or traditions. Thank you for your attention.”
      (Taken from the original A-R-T Bio 1970)


      Side A:
      "Amboss" (19:40)
      Side B:
      "Traummaschine" (25:24)


      Race The Night

        Race The Night, the band’s eighth studio album, is released via one of their earliest label homes Fierce Panda. With 29 years, 18 hit singles, seven studio albums and an unfathomable number of tour dates since their appearance on the label’s 1994 Crazed And Confused compilation, Race The Night is both a party with old friends and a message to leap into the present with arms wide open.

        Fitting then that the lead single should be the album’s title-track, with its super-charged and widescreen anthemia being the perfect primer for a record that has melodies to spare. “Before the shadows let us go, and it’s too late, to race the night” sings lead vocalist and guitarist Tim Wheeler as the band feel the heat of obsession on their backs and motor away to grab hold of opportunity.

        Wheeler comments: “Race the Night is the sound of the band revelling in the sheer joy of being a band after being separated by time and distance through the insanity of the early 2020s. Lyrically it's all about seizing the crossroads moments in life with both hands. Take every chance as if it could be your last.”

        Continuing about the video he says: “Race the Night video is the product from the fevered mind of long time friend and horror director Jed Shepherd. He's taken a song about seizing the moment and had the band seized by a super fan who proceeds to force the band into doing her bidding. Enjoy the Misery…”


        Barry says: I kind of feel like i've grown up with Ash at this point, and there's still something wildly nostalgic that triggers whenever I hear the start of their debut LP, '1977'. It's some comfort then that verging on 30 years later, we're still presented with a heavy, unmistakeable but also undeniably unique Ash offering. Huge melodies, hints of melancholy and loads of drive. Exactly the ticket.


        1. Race The Night
        2. Usual Places
        3. Reward In Mind
        4. Oslo (feat. Démira)
        5. Like A God
        6. Peanut Brain
        7. Crashed Out Wasted
        8. Braindead
        9. Double Dare
        10. Over & Out
        11. Like A God (Reprise) 

        For Boogie Butt's latest project, on side A you'll find 3 tracks: Ian Ash's cover of "I Want to Thank You", originally sung by Ms Alicia Myers and here performed by Ella May. Surrounded by fantastic musicians such as Mathieu Karcher, Olivier Magarotto and Jérôme Billeter, it offers his vision of this track with no samples, everything is played afresh. Welcome to Ian Ash's "Boogievision"!

        Remix is by the impressive combo of Mr Doris and D-Funk who inject a certain degree of electricity and power into the track via a more digital instrumental and rhythm palette, plus some modern edits and chops.

        On the B-side, "Try Again", originally created by Fostin with Jessie Wagner gets transformed into a bright, summery, acid-jazz version. Jessica has toured the world with Chic, Lenny Kravitz , Kid Rock and Duran Duran. Her liquid necter vocals give "Try Again" a sleek elegance that's highly infectious - just listen to those juicy clav sections!

        Proper top drawer, connoisseur level, modern boogie. Don't sleep on this! 


        Matt says: Ian Ash offers up some stylish covers of two classic boogie tracks with impressive results. Smooth, soulful, summery vibes with maximum positivity.


        A1. I Want To Thank You
        A2. I Want To Thank You (Mr Doris & D-Funk Remix)
        A3. I Want To Thank You - Instrumental

        B1. Try Again
        B2. Try Again - Instrumental

        Ash Walker


          Four years on from his explorative third full-length ‘Aquamarine,’ Londoner Ash Walker returns with an equally ambitious follow-up, via Night Time Stories. Alongside a plethora of award-winning collaborators and combining a dizzy- ing array of sounds, ‘Astronaut’ hears Walker push his astral shower of rhythm and vibes to new heights. If 'Aquamarine’ was the take-off of his audial spaceship, ‘Astronaut’ is the cosmic voyage reaching terminal velocity; a rocket-powered masterclass spanning jazz, blues, soul, funk, and reggae.

          An avid record collector, Walker has DJed far and wide... from the infamous Royal Mail squat party to the canals of Venice, spinning vinyl in Brixton with The Specials to scattering dub across San Francisco and LA. His own production output is similarly explor- atory: his journeys have taken him far and wide, from tunnels under the river Thames to recording local percussionists in the Atlas mountains of Morocco


          01 Only Love Feat. Lou Rhodes
          02 Letting Go Feat. Andrew Ashong
          03 Afronaut Feat. Amp Fiddler & Laville
          04 Babylonian Triangle Of Captivity Feat. Ebi Soda
          05 Time Gets Wasted Feat. Sly5thAve & Denitia
          06 Automation Feat. Oscar Jerome & Joe Armon-Jones
          07 Running Away Feat. Jazz Ahmed & Laville
          08 Petrol Head Feat. Laville
          09 Detroit Velvet Smooth Feat. Yazz Ahmed
          10 Jupiter Feat. Kennebe


          Nu-Clear Sounds - 2023 Reissue

            Nu-Clear Sounds was the second smash hit album from Ash. The album a reached No.7 within the UK and has since become a gold record. The hard rock album contains monster hits Jesus Says, Wildsurf and Numbskull.

            Ash and BMG are proud to reissue Ash’s second LP ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’ for the first time on Clear and Nu-Clear Green splatter vinyl. This album has not been re-issued since it’s 1998 release, so will be an exciting prospect within the Ash community. Meltdown contains hit after hit and with its hard rock sound resonates strongly with a wide audience. Upon release Ash drew critical acclaim from multiple publications including Wall Of Sound, Pitchfork and many more, whilst touring the album worldwide, and appearing as one of the main acts at the Glastonbury Festival. 

            TRACK LISTING

            Side A:
            1. Projects (2023 Remaster)
            2. Low Ebb (2023 Remaster)
            3. Jesus Says (2023 Remaster)
            4. Wildsurf (2023 Remaster)
            5. Death Trip 21 (2023 Remaster)
            Side B:
            1. Folk Song (2023 Remaster)
            2. Numbskull (2023 Remaster)
            3. Burnt Out (2023 Remaster)
            4. Aphrodite (2023 Remaster)
            5. Fortune Teller (2023 Remaster)
            6. I’m Gonna Fall (2023 Remaster)

            Bright Eyes

            Digital Ash In A Digital Urn - 2022 Reissue

              “The first three are innocent in a way, because we didn’t have an audience when we were making them,” says Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst. “But from ‘Lifted’ on, I was definitely aware of an audience. ‘Lifted’ was well received right away, and then everything happened with ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Digital Ash’.”

              Those two albums came out simultaneously. And their lead singles - ‘Take It Easy (Love Nothing)’, from the austere, remote ‘Digital Ash’, and ‘Lua’, from the warm, folky ‘Wide Awake’ - debuted in the top two slots on the Billboard Hot 100. ‘First Day of My Life’, also from ‘Wide Awake’, would later be voted the Number One Love Song Of All Time by NPR Music’s readers’ poll. 

              Bright Eyes had officially broken through. It was a heady, exciting time, but also fraught and tense, both because of the band’s careening new fame, and because of the state of the world. When Bright Eyes made their Tonight Show debut in 2006, they chose to perform none of their shiny new hits, instead delivering a searing, harrowing rendition of their caustic anti-Bush anthem, ‘When The President Talks To God’. 

              TRACK LISTING

              Time Code
              Gold Mine Gutted
              Arc Of Time (Time Code)
              Down In A Rabbit Hole
              Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
              Hit The Switch
              I Believe In Symmetry
              Devil In The Details
              Ship In A Bottle
              Light Pollution
              Theme To Piñata

              Bright Eyes

              Digital Ash In A Digital Urn: A Companion

                TRACK LISTING

                Hit The Switch
                Down In A Rabbit Hole
                Arc Of Time (Time Code)
                Ship In A Bottle
                Agenda Suicide
                Gold Mine Gutted


                Meltdown - 2022 Reissue

                  Meltdown was the fourth smash hit album from Ash. The album again reached No.5 within the UK and has since become a gold record. The hard rock album contains mega hits including Clones, Orpheus, Starcrossed, Renegade Cavalcade and Meltdown.

                  Ash and BMG are proud to reissue Ash’s fourth LP ‘Meltdown for the first time on Orange and Black splatter vinyl. This album has not been re-issued since it’s 2004 release, so will be an exciting prospect within the Ash community. Meltdown contains hit after hit and with its hard rock sound resonates strongly with a wide audience. Upon release Ash drew critical acclaim from multiple publications including Pitchfork, The Guardian, Drowned In Sound and many more, whilst touring with allusive contemporaries The Darkness, and headlining Coachella Festival.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side A:
                  1. Evil Eye (2022 Remaster)
                  2. Orpheus (2022 Remaster)
                  3. Meltdown (2022 Remaster)
                  4. Starcrossed (2022 Remaster)
                  5. Clones (2022 Remaster)
                  Side B:
                  1. Renegade Cavalcade (2022 Remaster)
                  2. Vampire Love (2022 Remaster)
                  3. Out Of The Blue (2022 Remaster)
                  4. Won’t Be Saved (2022 Remaster)
                  5. On A Wave (2022 Remaster)
                  6. Detonator (2022 Remaster)

                  Ash Ra Tempel

                  Join Inn - 50th Anniversary Edition

                    After the 2021 Re-Release of “Schwingungen” (MG.ART612) and together with “Seven Up” (MG.ART613) we proudly announce “JOIN INN” as Part3 of the authorised 50th Anniversary “A.R.T.” Re-Edition Series.

                    “JOIN INN” is the fourth album by Ash Ra Tempel. It was recorded at Studio Dierks and originally released on LP by Ohr Musik-Produktion, catalogue number OMM 556032. Each side of the LP comprises one long track.

                    In 1972 ASH RA TEMPEL teamed up again with Klaus Schulze during the recording of Walter Wegmüller's Tarot album, and after one of the recording sessions, ASH RA TEMPEL members: Enke, Göttsching and Rosi, together with Klaus decided to "play it again" in a late night session. This recording led to the birth of the “JOIN INN” album, as well as two legendary last concerts in February 1973 in Paris and Cologne.

                    Manuel Göttsching recalls Hartmut Enke on bass and Klaus Schulze on drums being a dream-team rhythm section for him to play his guitar, especially here to hear on “Freak'n' Roll”, that was ingenious and not to replace ever since. It was the last recording ever where Klaus Schulze (who sadly passed away this Year) played the Drums and also Hartmut (the Hawk) Enke soon after quit the Bass and music forever. Join Inn marks the end of the collaboration with Klaus Schulze.However, together with Ash Ra Tempel, their eponymous first album, which will be released in 2023 as the final edition of our Series, it is considered a highlight of the Krautrock movement.

                    As for the music itself we again refer to Julian Cope´s review from his book “Krautrocksampler” (published by Head Heritage, 1st ed. 1995):

                    ""Freak’n’roll” fades in like it never started - just was always there from the beginning of time, a dry wah-guitar freerock riff-out unlike any of the other Ash Ra Tempel LPs, and not much like any other music. Yes, there are bluesy riff but none of them have a blues context. Manuel Gottsching’s guitar is so confident that he sometimes drops down to a simple major chord groove, whilst the Hawk pushes that round woody bass into strange overlapping rumbling melody. And ... it’s the return of Klaus Schulze on drums which propels “Freak’n’roll” to its height. No-one but Klaus has the ability to transcend rock’n’roll in such an on-the-beat non-groove-y way and still send sparks of light into the cosmos as he does it.

                    “Freak’n’roll” is so egoless that it even works at a quiet volume as meditational music. Themes rise from the high tempo pulse beat, then are carried along the muscles of the song into the main area where the riff actually becomes real and expressionist for just long enough before slipping back into the musical fabric of the song.

                    As usual with Ash Ra Tempel, the other side is an enormous drift piece called “Jenseits (The Next World)”, a beautiful Klaus Schultze meditation of haunting synthesizer chords over which Rosi Muller tells the story of the Cosmic Couriers’ meeting with Timothy Leary. Gradually, the pulsing guitar becomes increasingly intense and turbulent, but Rosi never sounds less than freaked out. Essentially, “Jenseits” is a precursor to Klaus Schulze’s later spacey minor-key grooves.

                    Unfortunately, this was the last Ash Ra Tempel album in its particular ‘series. (…) After “JOIN INN”, Manuel Gottsching took over the Ash Ra Tempel mantle alone.”

                    Ash Ra Tempel – Join Inn
                    HARTMUT ENKE - Gibson bass
                    MANUEL GÖTTSCHING -guitar
                    KLAUS SCHULZE-drums, synthesizers & electronics
                    ROSI MÜLLER-voice

                    * All tracks composed by Manuel Göttsching, Hartmut Enke and Klaus Schulze.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Freak ’n’ Roll (19:14)
                    2. Jenseits (24:14)


                    Free All Angels - 2022 Reissue

                      Free All Angels was the third smash hit album from Ash. The album again reached No.1 within the UK and has since become a platinum record. The punk rock pop album contains mega hits including the Ivor Novello winner ‘Shining Light’, the NME single of the year ‘Burn Baby Burn’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘There’s A Star’, ‘Candy’ and Walking Barefoot’.

                      Ash and BMG are proud to reissue Ash’s third LP ‘Free All Angels’ for the first time on vivid yellow and clear splatter vinyl. This album has not been re-issued since it’s 2001 release, so will be an exciting prospect within the Ash community. Free All Angels contains hit after hit and with its punk rock sound resonates strongly with a wide audience. Upon release Ash drew critical comparisons to works of China Drum, Compulsion and The Replacements, , whilst touring with allusive contemporaries Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins and many more.

                      This re-issue coincides with the release of Free All Angels on immersive Sony 360RA for the very first time. This unique mix will give fans insight into Tim Wheeler’s sonic spatial sphere bringing Ash’s incredible hits into the new age.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Side A:
                      Walking Barefoot (2022 Remaster)
                      Shining Light (2022 Remaster)
                      Burn Baby Burn (2022 Remaster)
                      Candy (2022 Remaster)
                      Cherry Bomb (2022 Remaster)
                      Submission (2022 Remaster)
                      Side B:
                      Someday (2022 Remaster)
                      Pacific Palisades (2022 Remaster)
                      Shark (2022 Remaster)
                      Sometimes (2022 Remaster)
                      Nicole (2022 Remaster)
                      There’s A Star (2022 Remaster)
                      World Domination (2022 Remaster)


                      1977 - 2022 Reissue

                        The spectacular debut release from Ash, 1977 was a monumental album in the brit-rock scene, reaching No.1 within the UK and has since become a platinum record. The Northern Irish (NI) band, smashed out the huge singles ‘Girl From Mars’, ‘Kung Fu’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Angel Interceptor’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ on the album.

                        Ash and BMG are proud to reissue Ash’s debut LP ‘1977’ for the first time on stunning black and white splatter vinyl. This album has not been re-issued since it’s 1996 release, so will be an exciting prospect within the brit-rock community. 1977 was included in NME’s 500 best albums of all time, so resonates strongly with a wide audience. Upon release Ash drew critical comparisons to Buzzcocks, Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, whilst touring with allusive contemporaries Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins and many more.

                        This re-issue coincides with the release of 1977 on immersive Sony 360RA for the very first time. This unique mix will give fans insight into Tim Wheeler’s sonic spatial sphere bringing Ash’s incredible hits into the new age.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side A:
                        Lose Control (2022 Remaster)
                        Goldfinger (2022 Remaster)
                        Girl From Mars (2022 Remaster)
                        I’d Give You Anything (2022 Remaster)
                        Gone The Dream (2022 Remaster)
                        Kung Fu (2022 Remaster)
                        Side B:
                        Oh Yeah (2022 Remaster)
                        Let It Flow (2022 Remaster)
                        Innocent Smile (2022 Remaster)
                        Angel Interceptor (2022 Remaster)
                        Lost In You (2022 Remaster)
                        Darkside Lightside (2022 Remaster)

                        Real Lies

                        Lad Ash

                          London electronic act Real Lies combine classic English pop-poetic story-telling with the uncanny rainswept atmospheres of auteurs like Claude Young, Drexciya and Richard D James. On their second album, lyricist Kevin Lee Kharas romanticises ecstasy-fuelled teenage joyrides that set the coordinates for two decades of thrill-seeking hedonism. A wild period that resulted in both the group’s euphoric 2015 debut Real Life and the prolonged six-year wait for its follow up.

                          In places, that euphoria remains – they’ve never sounded higher than on ‘Dream On’ – but generally the mood here is darker, more late-night, club-ready and ruminative. There are songs about losing childhood friends in mysterious circumstances (‘Dolphin Junction’), bandmates (‘Boss Trick’ is a wake for former member Tom Watson), childhood innocence (‘An Oral History Of My First Kiss’) and huge swathes of memory (‘The Carousel’). As the title implies, Lad Ash is a coming-of-age album that draws out the beauty and longing of the young British male experience by reframing it through an elegiac, at times almost gothic, lens.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Liam says: Without a doubt one of my releases of the year, Real Lies' sophomore 'Lad Ash' is finally available on vinyl after its digital release earlier this year. Capturing the magic and the melancholia of being in your 20s in 2022, 'Lad Ash's mixture of The Streets and Pet Shop Boys will have you craving and reminiscing those long-lost nights out you never had.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1 Ethos
                          A2 Boss Trick
                          A3 An Oral History Of My First Kiss
                          A4 Dream On

                          B1 Late Arcades
                          B2 Thameslink Tryst
                          B3 Dolphin Junction
                          B4 All Good Dogs

                          C1 Since I
                          C2 The Carousel
                          C3 Your Guiding Hand
                          C4 DiCaprio

                          D1 You Were In Love
                          D2 I Wander
                          D3 Oh Me, Oh My (Nicotine Patch)
                          D4 Birds


                          Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash

                            Having successfully outlasted their self-described ‘guaranteed real teenagers’ tagline when they first burst into earshot in 1994, ASH announce the release of Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash.

                            - Career Spanning Best Of
                            - Includes brand new track Darkest Hour Of The Night
                            - Includes hits Girl From Mars, Shining Light and Burn Baby Burn

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: Sometimes it's just the first chord of a tune you need to hear to have all the endorphins come flooding back and for me, Ash's 'Girl On Mars' is about as close as you can get to a time capsule. Add that to 'Oh Yeah' and 'Goldfinger', and you have an absolutely essential collection for fans and a great best of for those uninitiated.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Side A
                            1. A Life Less Ordinary (#10 UK Charts)
                            2. Arcadia
                            3. Darkest Hour Of The Night
                            4. Kung Fu
                            5. Cocoon
                            6. You Can't Have It All

                            Side B
                            1. Girl From Mars (#11 UK Charts)
                            2. Wildsurf
                            3. Shining Light (#8 UK Charts)
                            4. Starcrossed
                            5. Goldfinger (#5 UK Charts)

                            Side C
                            1. Burn Baby Burn
                            2. Dare To Dream
                            3. Annabel
                            4. Machinery
                            5. Sometimes

                            Side D
                            1. Oh Yeah (#6 UK Charts)
                            2. Angel Interceptor
                            3. Jesus Says
                            4. Orpheus
                            5. Jack Names The Planets

                            A heavyweight astral shower of rhythm and vibes, Ash Walker’s third album ‘Aquamarine’ is released on 19th July 2019 via Night Time Stories. Ash’s production output is similarly exploratory: his journeys have taken him far and wide, from tunnels under the river Thames to recording local percussionists in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Inspired by a deep dive of sounds from artists including Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones, King Tubby, Bo Diddley, 4Hero, J Dilla, Pete Rock, Curtis Mayfield, Philip Glass, and Steve Reich; his first two albums, ‘Augmented 7th’ (2015) and ‘Echo Chamber’ (2016) gained attention from the likes of BBC 6 Music DJs Gilles Peterson, Don Letts, Gideon Coe and Clash Maga- zine, XLR8R and MIMS.

                            ‘Aquamarine’ is a projection and culmination of all he’s absorbed. A cosmic explosion of sound and colour, rhythm, shape and patterns. The arrival of an unassuming dreamer now projecting his unique flavour of expression. ‘Aqua- marine’ is the take-off of this audial spaceship, a sound discovered in the grooves of thousands of records, united in one. A meditation designed to inspire good energy, Ash hopes to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to the listener amongst the chaos of life. Recorded at home with the freedom of time and space, it combines analogue with digital, and a fondness for normally unwanted shapes and textures such as fuzz, hiss and crackle.

                            “My previous albums have felt to me more like ventures on land. This one feels more like a deep sea voyage into the subconscious. Living to dream with visions of grandeur. Manifesting a beautiful path to walk on. It was inspired by everything around me, from friends and family to art and design, engineering and architecture, movement and how we use our five senses. I love to try and push my own boundaries of what I perceive to be right and wrong, seeing mistakes as innovations, and obstacles as inspiration.”

                            Highlights on the album include ‘Under The Sun’, ‘Time’ and ‘Finishing Touch’, all of which feature the smooth and silky voice of Laville. Themes of metaphysical exploration and transportation re-occur in the cosmic jazz of ‘Brave New World’ and the smoked beats on ‘Come With Us’. Also featured across the album are trumpet and flugel-horn genius Yazz Ahmed, bassist Marc Cyril (Keziah Jones, Jr Walker & The All Stars) and renowned musician and producer Jonathan Shorten.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: Mixing elements of downbeat, hip-hop and a healthy dose of soul, 'Aquamarine' is another superb outing for the ever-talented Ash Walker. Shadowy beats clash with reverbed guitar and echoing vocals before breaking into loungy slow-jazz and heady opium-den instrumentals. It actually confounds all genre expectations and is all the better for it. Proper lovely.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Under The Sun (ft Laville)
                            2. Time (ft Laville)
                            3. Come With Us
                            4. Brave New World
                            5. Finishing Touch (ft Laville)
                            6. Aquamarine 07. Sanity (ft Laville)
                            8. I Need Money
                            9. Fat King Smoke
                            10. Aint Got You (ft Laville)

                            A1. Under The Sun (ft Laville)
                            A2. Time (ft Laville)
                            A3. Come With Us
                            A4. Brave New World
                            A5. Finishing Touch (ft Laville)
                            A6. Aquamarine B1. Sanity (ft Laville)
                            B3. I Need Money B4. Fat King Smoke
                            B5. Aint Got You (ft Laville)
                            B6. The Dagon's Cashmere Jumper



                              French-Cuban twins Ibeyi are back with their second album ‘Ash’, a record that tackles subjects as diverse as womanhood, spirituality, activism and racism, all conveyed in Ibeyi’s own unique blend of modern pop, hip-hop and electronic influenced music that incorporates the traditional sounds of Yorùbá. ‘Ash’ is the follow-up to the twin’s 2015 critically acclaimed, eponymous debut album that made Ibeyi a globally recognized name.

                              While Ibeyi’s first album grappled with the past—the sister’s relationship, origins, loss, and roots. It earned them fans and collaborators in some of the most iconic and crucial artists of today, Beyoncé and Alvin Ailey included. By contrast, Ash is a more visceral and potent political statement, and while firmly rooted in Afro-Cuban culture and history, finds itself entirely concerned with Ibeyi’s present: Who Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi are, what’s important to them, and how they live today, especially given that the spheres, both personally and politically, are entirely different from when Ibeyi was recorded.

                              ‘Ash’ was recorded in November 2016 in London with producer Richard Russell at his studio The Copper House. The album features twelve new tracks, including ‘Away Away’ which was released in June, and includes appearances from Kamasi Washington, Mala Rodriguez, Chilly Gonzales, Meshell Ndegeocello.

                              ‘Deathless,’ the second track to be debuted from ‘Ash’, features the incomparable Kamasi Washington on saxophone, and was written in the wake of an experience that Lisa-Kaindé had when she was sixteen that involved her being wrongly arrested by French police. She went home and wrote the emotive ‘Deathless,’ in which she describes her experience: “I was writing ‘Deathless’ as an anthem for everybody!” Lisa-Kaindé says. “For every minority. For everybody that feels that they are nothing, that feels small, that feels not cared about and I want them to listen to our song and for three minutes feel large, powerful, deathless. I have a huge amount of respect for people who fought for, what I think, are my rights today and if we all sing together ‘we are deathless, ’they will be living through us into a better world”.

                              Step out of the gloom and into Ibeyi’s world, a place of optimism, openness and acceptance. The modern world never looked so beautiful as it does through Ibeyi’s lens


                              Live On Mars: London Astoria 1997

                              To coincide with the 20th Anniversary of their number one debut 1977, Ash have announced the release of a live album called Live On Mars: London Astoria 1997. Recorded over the band's record breaking five night run at the London Astoria from the 28th February to the 4th March. The album includes their hit singles ‘Girl From Mars’, ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Kung Fu’, as well as a covers of Abba’s 'Does Your Mother Know’ and Dusty Springfield’s 'I Only Want To Be With You’.

                              The set captures the raw energy of the band on their homecoming celebration to wrap up the epic year of touring for 1977, which was released the previous year.

                              The album will be released as a limited edition numbered and coloured vinyl, CD and download via the band’s website, the live shows and select retailers.

                              The band said "The Ashtoria Five Night Stand was one of the most memorable run of shows for us. It really was the icing on the cake of a manic year since 1977 was released. We'd achieved a number one album followed by a world tour that came close to breaking us. These shows allowed us to look back and celebrate with everyone involved. And it was one hell of an aftershow!"

                              “These five nights at The Astoria, from February 28th to March 4th 1997, sound and feel like a party. An exuberant, irresistible celebration of a band who, transcending the faddishness of concurrent Britpop, succeeded on that rarest of commodities: raw talent.” - Ian Fortnam, Classic Rock

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Side A
                              1. Lose Control
                              2. Season
                              3. Goldfinger
                              4. Girl From Mars

                              Side B
                              5. I’d Give You Anything
                              6. Lost In You
                              7. I Only Want To Be With You
                              8. Innocent Smile

                              Side C
                              9. Oh Yeah
                              10. T-Rex
                              11. Uncle Pat
                              12. Petrol
                              13. Let It Flow
                              14. Jack Names The Planets

                              Side D
                              15. Darkside Lightside
                              16. Gone The Dream
                              17. Does Your Mother Know?
                              18. Kung Fu

                              Over their almost decade-and-a-half career, The Kills have released four records. Each one a restless, reckless enigmatic art statement that bristled with tension, anxiety, sex, unstudied cool and winking ennui, yet not one of them sounded like the previous one. Ash & Ice is the follow up to 2011’s critically lauded Blood Pressures and was five years in the making in part due to Jamie Hince’s five hand surgeries, which resulted in him having to re-learn how to play guitar with a permanently damaged finger.

                              Unlike earlier albums, which have largely been written and recorded at Key Club Studio in Benton Harbor, Michigan, the bulk of the recording for Ash & Ice took place in a rented house in LA and at the world famous Electric Lady Studios in NYC. The album was produced by Jamie Hince and co-produced by John O’Mahony (Metric, The Cribs), and mixed by Tom Elmhirst (Adele, Arcade Fire, Amy Winehouse) and Tchad Blake (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys).

                              It was during Hince’s recuperation from surgery that he first started sketching out what would become the songs for the album. To shake up the writing process, Hince booked a solo trip on the infamous Trans-Siberian Express for inspiration while Alison Mosshart, now residing in Nashville, TN, wrote some of the most affecting, poetically candid lyrics that she ever has, painting word pictures that mine the dangerous terrain between romantic obsession, prophecy and tough love. Where previous albums had an air of detachment and emotional austerity, underpinned by an uneasy self-awareness and unexpressed anger, the 13 songs on Ash & Ice are more understated, less tempestuous and more affecting because of that, exposing the kind of push-pull you feel when you find yourself in a complicated but all-consuming relationship. Ash & Ice is The Kills at their emotionally charged, arresting best. Prepare to be slayed.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: The Kills return with their newest album since 2011's 'Blood Pressures' and this might just be their most intricate and emotive offering yet. Further emphasising their innate ability to pluck at the heartstrings whilst soothing the soul. Mossheart's vocals are as sultry and emotive as ever, and the instrumentation is just as you'd expect : raw, honest and beautiful.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Doing It To Death
                              2. Heart Of A Dog
                              3. Hard Habit To Break
                              4. Bitter Fruit
                              5. Days Of Why And How
                              6. Let It Drop
                              7. Hum For Your Buzz
                              8. Siberian Nights
                              9. That Love
                              10. Impossible Tracks
                              11. Black Tar
                              12. Echo Home
                              13. Whirling Eye

                              Ash Before Oak

                              Favourite Chickens

                              Imaginative songwriters Armor and Griffin present a sumptuous collection of melody lavished with harmonies reminiscent of Finn Brothers and garnished with atmospheric guitars and dynamic arrangements. Faberk O’Shea, the mysterious pierrot clown, is now synonymous with the band and their peculiar musical characteristics.

                              The record emerged after a two month period of writing and demoing a track each day. Whilst being hard to pin down stylistically, Favourite Chickens will fascinate you with its hooks, crooks and charm.


                              A-Z Volume 1

                                A - Z Vol. 1 marks the halfway point in Ash’s groundbreaking 26 single campaign the A-Z Series. Wrapping up singles A to M alongside a host of bonus material, the compilation illustrates Ash’s rejuvenated creative zeal.
                                Currently back in their Manhattan HQ recording tracks which will complete the second half of the series, Ash have been spurred on by the unique challenge of a singles only future. The scrutiny of each track being drip-fed to fans, juxtaposed by freedom from the traditional 2-year album cycle, has fostered a new Ash era of diverse, imaginative pop.



                                  This ain't called "Meltdown" for nothing. It takes all the pop thrills, kinetic melodies, slam-dunking riffs that made the world love Ash, then douses them in petrol and drops in a match. After the fireworks, out come 11 white-hot slabs of pure rock power. From the butane rush of the single "Orpheus" to the skyscraping peaks of "Evil Eye" and the fierce-yet-beautiful love "Starcross'd", this is Ash at their melodic best with a ton of new engines strapped on for extra power.

                                  Wishbone Ash

                                  Live Dates Volume 3

                                    Recorded with the bands last line up in Paris in October 1999.

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