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To kick-start Artificial Dance’s 2018 release programme, the label has once again delved deep into the darkest corners of the Dutch electronic underground. The result is a debut solo EP from another future hero, Hague-based Pasiphae.
Born in Greece, Pasiphae took up DJing and music production when she moved to the Netherlands five years ago. By 2016, she was confident enough to hold her own in the studio with Intergalactic Gary, with the resulting collaborative 12”, Made of Glass, winning praise for its floor-rocking rhythms and throbbing electronic instrumentation.

The Siphax EP, her first solo outing, is arguably even more solid. Packed with mutant alien funk (the superb title track), horror-fired dancefloor dystopia (throbbing opener “Tachynons”) and skewed electronic soundscapes (“Vertical Rotation”, which sounds like it could have been taken from the soundtrack of an early ‘80s art-house movie), the six tracks offer a neat summary of Pasiphae’s unique musical world.

Check out, in particular, the two-part murkiness and late night hum of “Quelque Chose De Mauvais” and “Quelque Chose De Mal”, which are creepy and clandestine in equal measure. If that’s not enough to set the pulse racing, turn your attention to EP closer “Hedera”, a beat-less but rhythmic romp through muggy, psychedelic pastures.

Having debuted with a fine EP by Job Sifre, Artificial Dance has returned to the source for release number two. The 12” pays tribute to one of the most influential figures of original DIY electronic music scene of Holland, Hanjo Erkamp.
During the first half of the 1980s, Erkamp had a hand in some of the most experimental and forward-thinking releases on the now legendary cassette label, Trumpett. Famously, he was a member of two of the label’s key bands – industrial outfit Doxa Sinistra and new wave combo Ende Shneafliet – but during the period he also recorded a swathe of solo tracks as C. Stein, most of which only saw the light of day decades later.

“La Bombe Plastique”, a thrillingly spacey and futurist cut rich in proto-techno rhythms, intergalactic electronic motifs and drowsy choral vocals. For this timely reissue, the superb original version comes accompanied by a fresh re-edit created primarily for DJ use.


Sil says: Electro folks will be loving this. And so for the rest of us. Absolutely magical beauty straight out of Holland. They say that this is the year of the electro resurrection and this is the first tune we are raving about here at Piccadilly Records. A superb melodic, emotive, spacey and futuristic tune reissue that promises to end up high on the year end charts - and it is only February!

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