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Second release on Arktapes by Arktapes and originating from the Southern American continent. Not much info to go on it seems but the music really speaks for itself. Authentic and inventive techno with nods to Purpose Maker-era Jeff Mills, Basic Channel's Q-series, Basic Channel's M-series (ha!), Echochord and all that good mid to late 90s techno - deep, hypnotic, charged and sublime. Check!

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Deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Jan Oldenburg who steered the good ship @nightanddaycafe and has been our…
Mon 15th - 2:23
RT @Duncandutchie: For anyone who missed it (probs everyone) here's the Spotify playlist from last weeks Dunc and Patch ⁦@PiccadillyRecs⁩ @…
Mon 15th - 12:27
Congratulations to Alan who came in and bought @thecoralband latest album Move Through The Dawn and claimed his…
Mon 15th - 10:14
There’s still ONE @_Bands_FC @thecoralband poster up for grabs for the next person to come in the shop and buy the…
Sun 14th - 11:36
Wonderful vibe in the shop yesterday for @AlbumDayUK which album(s) did you make a special point of buying yesterda…
Sun 14th - 9:30
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