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Highly anticipated by us here and most of Manchester's clued-up music lovers, Antony Szmierek's first vinyl release arrives amongst a hype-storm of sold out (and upgraded) gigs, a celebrated Jools Holland appearance and a steadily growing but already die-hard fan base. For those that need an intro: Antony Szmierek is a modern wordsmith who sets his insightful observations to electronic-y music styles - garage, hip-hop, house, downbeat etc. Lazy (but justified) comparisons could be drawn with The Streets and more recently, Real Lies; but of course Szmierek offers up his own Mancunian slant - both in dialect and lyrical content. Hidden amongst the positive but resigned melancholy (you'll understand when you hear it) are little easter eggs for people who've grown up around the city and its suburbs.

After wooing us with a smattering of bandcamp digital tracks, this is his first vinyl release to date! It is limited to 500 copies on green vinyl. Five tracks of modern & sincere commentary on life and love articulated through a unique viewpoint and set to some of the juiciest instrumentals we've heard all year.


Matt says: A product of our fine city who marries sincere storytelling with modern grooves; delivering it all with a personality that everyone including your nan will adore. First vinyl outing for this destined-to-be household name.


Side A
The Words To Auld Lang Syne
How Did You Get Here?

Side B
Seasoning (feat. 2B.Frank)
Dance Better

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