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Antony & The Johnsons


    While "I Am a Bird Now" is compelling in its vulnerability and "The Crying Light" is a masterpiece of austerity, "Swanlights" may be Antony’s most wide-rangingly emotional work to date. It is a record that is at moments heartbreakingly tender, and at other times has a joyful gleam to its teeth.

    Unlike previous work, which was often quite sparsely voiced, on "Swanlights" the vines in the garden are overgrown and the sound palette has become more exotic; strange percussive elements, John Cale-esque string drones, heavily distorted guitars and symphonic winds and strings thread the song cycle together.

    The album includes the song "Flétta", a duet with Björk.


    1. Everything Is New
    2. The Great White Ocean
    3. Ghost
    4. I’m In Love
    5. Violetta
    6. Swanlights
    7. The Spirit Was Gone
    8. Thank You For Your Love
    9. Flétta
    10. Salt Silver Oxygen
    11. Christina’s Farm

    Antony & The Johnsons

    The Crying Light

      "The Crying Light" is the third studio album by New York group Anthony and The Johnsons. Fronted by Anthony Hegarty, this record draws upon the themes of landscape and future. An intimate and moving record, this sees Anthony reach new artistic heights which will please fans and newcomers alike. Includes the tracks "Her Eyes Beneath The Ground" and "Another World". "The Crying Light" looks set for critical acclaim, following the reactions to the heart stoppingly beautiful "Another World EP" and breathtaking sold out Barbican performances with the LSO, that led The Guardian to exclaim that 'his legend is now assured'.Tracklisting1. Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground2. Epilepsy Is Dancing3. One Dove4. Kiss My Name5. Crying Light6. Another World7. Daylight And The Sun8. Aeon9. Dust And Water10. Everglade

      Antony & The Johnsons

      I Am A Bird Now

        "I Am A Bird Now" is the second full-length from this extraordinary New York artist Antony and his cohorts the Johnsons. The album features contributions from both Antony's peers (Rufus Wainwright, Devendra Banhart) and heroes (Lou Reed, Boy George). Their involvement reflects both their admiration for Antony, and his unique place in the contemporary arts community.

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