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Another New Thing


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    Dipped In Gold Recordings are proud to announce “Another New Thing” The latest project from Sheffield’s number one purveyor of synth pop Dean Honer.

    Take three self professed toerags , one in Sheffield UK, one in Preston UK and one in Pennsylvania USA, quarantine them in their houses for 6 months for their own safety, tell them to make an album.

    In 2015 Honer, Nagle and Himlin met on a Sonic Weekend in Wales. An annual event which was organised by Ann Shenton of Add N to X. People from all over the world gather in a remote farmhouse surrounded by sheep, to get hammered and make and record noise. Honer (ITOP, Moonlandingz, All Seeing I, I Monster) plays the role of producer for the weekend. Himlin said to Nagle “One day we should make some music together”

    2020 Lockdown – Nagle sends Himlin some of his extended modular synthesizer workouts. Himlin writes songs over them and also adds guitar and bass.

    Nagle said to Himlin “These aren't too shit, we should send these to Honer to do some mixes and production” And so the the game of audio “exquisite corpse” began. The tunes were passed from person to person via the transatlantic telegraph cable (Wetransfer) to add to or subtract from, until lockdown was eased and they were deemed complete. Himlin casually dubbed the project “Another New Thing,” “because that's what it is!”.

    Nagle dubbed the album XYZZY after a magic password key he had discovered playing text based adventure games on his computer in the 70s, the unknown pronunciation being a bonus in his mind.


    says: The flawless Dipped In Gold bring us this delightfully off-piste collection of deeply groovy, oftentimes angular melodies and neon synth refrains. Though it was a remote collaboration, there is an inherent connectedness and symbiotic understanding that shows in the most satisfying of ways, resulting in a perfect mix of minds, and a damn good listen. Superb.


    1. A Message
    2. The Action Membrane
    3. Do Not Fail
    4. Don’t Follow Your Shadow
    5. Movie Music
    6. The Ever Never Mind
    7. Hammers And Anvils
    8. Edge Of The Hollow
    9. No One Cares What You’re Thinking’ Bout
    10. Memory Alarm
    11. Home

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