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Twisted & percussive club brilliance with a kosmiche slant from Düsseldorf’s Niklas Wandt on the amazing Animals Dancing. Four tracks that take on cosmic house, new beat hypnotism, tribal piano breakdown madness & a wavey vocoded synth workout make up the EP for the Australian imprint’s first release of the year.

Undeniably sounding fresh, with an upfront palette designed for club rigs, it's a club / party record make no mistake; but refuses to tread the obvious and over-explored in favour of something a little bit more leftfield and unusual. There isn't an urgency to push the tempos either, making this one of those deliciously engrossing, late nite record you can get truly lost in. Recommended. 


Matt says: The Melbourne label proffer up a nicely varied four tracker from Niklas Wandt. Catering to all the flavours of the holiday house dancefloor expect enthralling drug chug and tops off hedonism that's perfect for festival season.


Im Verborgenen 
I Wandt To Believe
300 CE

ANIMALS009 sees French producer Benoit B make first contact with Melbourne’s Animals Dancing after releases on Into The Light, Berceuse Heroique, Unthank, Versatile and his own Banlieue. On ‘We Come In Peace’, Crystalline FM synthesis meets tight drums across four PSY FI tracks that showcase the producer’s shapeshifting style. ‘Drums Symphony’ layers undulating rhythms from crisp drums, Arps, FM Bells & SFX that ebb & flow, building to a driving dance floor trip. ‘La Retraite Des Rockers’ conjures Sakamoto & Vangelis in ‘82 with eratic perc, warped metallic sfx & ominous pads that find balance with a glowing synth lead & syncopated bass. The title track, ‘We Come In Peace’ is a balearic trance stomper where swirling 303, pitch bending leads & glistening synths cascade across a pulsing bassline. ‘Dreelkrugz Conquest’ is lysergic mid tempo electro with gated synths hovering above a growling baseline and flutters of heavily affected synthwork. “If you are alien and reading this then come and take me from earth".


A1. Drums Symphony
A2. La Retraite Des Rockers
B1. We Come In Peace
B2. Dreelkrugz Conquest

Za Talent (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft)

Za Talent

Za Talent is a fresh alias from regular collaborators Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft. While their previous outings were unashamedly ambient and horizontal in nature, this 12" for Animals Dancing is deliciously dancefloor-focused - even if there trademark rich chords and glassy-eyed electronics do feature prominently. On the A you'll find "Telex", a quirky chunk of laidback electro smothered in fax machine electronics, bubbly melodies and punchy drum machine hits. Flip for "The Whale", where intergalactic police sirens weave in and out of spacey electro motifs, gently pulsing electronics and a rhythm track that can't decide whether it's broken, jazzy or just plain weird. It is, though, really rather good.


A1. Telex
B1. The Whale

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