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Oppenheimer Analysis

New Mexico: The Complete Collection

For fans of minimal wave and DIY electronic pop, Oppenheimer Analysis's self-released 1982 debut cassette, New Mexico - little more than an extended demo cassette - has become something of a collector's item. While it has been reissued digitally since, it never received a vinyl release. In tribute to Martin Lloyd (the other half of the duo, alongside Andy Oppenheimer), who passed away, Minimal Wave has decided to make New Mexico available on wax. While the sound quality is appropriately dusty (it was badly recorded in the first place, of course), the music remains magical - bubbling, evocative, left-of-centre leftfield pop created with home-made synthesizers, modular hardware and little else. It's no wonder many consider it a classic album (even if was never officially released first time round).


Mine says: A must have for any minimal wave / synth fan. Truly addictive!


Side 1
1. "The Devil's Dancers"
2. "Radiance"
3. "Martyr"

Side 2
1. "Cold War"
2. "Don't Be Seen With Me"
3. "Modern Wonder"

Side 3
1. "Subterranean Desire"
2. "Scorpians"
3. "New Mexico"

Side 4
1. "Behind The Shades"
2. "Men In White Coats"
3. "You Won't Forget Me"

Licensed reissue of this massive piano house anthem from 1991. Originally released on Creed records and produced by the trio of Andy Stoddon, A.Duckmanton and M.Bourne - it was a particular highlight of that 2nd Summer of Love that would go on to inform a whole generation, leading many to believe it was produced by 808 State (it wasn't!).

On this version Salford City Records have commissioned a new mix from Analysis plus three tasty remixes by Terrorize, MITM and the Leeman Brothers. Relieve the hedonistic spirit of the early 90s with this stone cold classic of the era! Kangol beret and Eclipse jeans not included.. 


Matt says: Another lost classic from the 2nd Summer Of Love gets repackaged and repressed by the Salford City Records crew. They keep 'em comin' - and we keep on dancing!


A1 Euphoria (Analysis Euphoria 2021)
A2 Euphoria (Terrorize Remix)
AA1 Euphoria (MITM Remix)
AA2 Euphoria (Leeman Brothers Remix)

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