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The Dream is an album of intrigue, beauty and humanity - a coalescence of everything that has made alt-J a global band with true staying power.

True-crime inspired stories and tales of Hollywood and the Chateau Marmont rub shoulders with some of the band’s most personal moments to-date The album was created after a period of rest for the band following their seismic world tour in support of previous record.

It is a record that is the sound of a band growing as songwriters and storytellers.



    Reduxer is a set of eleven incredible reinterpretations of songs from their award winning third album ​Relaxer, ​reimagined by a host of fans, friends and peers, including a globe-straddling cross-section of some of the world’s most influential and prolific hip hop artists and producers.

    Putting their own indelible vocals on the songs are, amongst others, Grammy-nominated US hip hop high flyer GoldLink​ , platinum-certified Parisian rapper ​Lomepal​ , Berlin powerhouse ​Kontra K​, Dublin-born breakthrough rapper ​Rejjie Snow​ , Australian auteur ​Tuka​ , Puerto Rican rapper ​PJ Sin Suela​ and London’s acclaimed ​Little Simz.

    The project was first hinted at last month when Virginia Beach hip hop superstar​ PushaT​ and LA synthpop polymath Twin Shadow both joined alt-J for a surprise performance of In Cold Blood on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, before swiftly releasing the studio version of the collaboration. A second track is debuted today, a new version of Deadcrush reworked by legendary producer ​The Alchemist and Latin American production powerhouse ​Trooko​, and featuring the unmistakable vocals of hip hop iconoclast​ Danny Brown​.


    1. 3WW (feat. Little Simz) (OTG Version)
    2. In Cold Blood (fest. Pusha T) (Twin Shadow Version)
    3. House Of The Rising Sun (feat. Tuka) (Tuka Version)
    4. Hit Me Like That Snare (Jimi Charles Moody Version)
    5. Deadcrush (feat. Danny Brown) (Alchemist X Trooko Version)
    6. Adeline (feat. Paigey Cakey And Hex) (ADP Version)
    7. Last Year (feat. GoldLink) (Terrace Martin Version)
    8. Pleader (feat. PJ Sin Suela) (Trooko Version)
    9. 3WW (feat. Lomepal) (Lomepal Version)
    10. In Cold Blood (feat. Kontra K) (Kontra K Version)
    11. Hit Me Like That Snare (feat. Rejjie Snow) (Rejjie Snow Version)

    L.I.E.S. alumni Nick Klein lands at Alter with a diverse four tracker of cryptic machine conversations. The set gets off to an ambient start with the crystaline tones and glassy bass notes of "Burning Mattresses", (full on late 80s Eno vibes here) before lurching into industrial territories courtesy of the discordant bleeps, queasy lead lines and distorted bass pulses of "Pena Adobe". Over on the flipside, "Smelling The Sheets" keeps it dark and distorted with buzzing waveforms and thrusting rhythms, but cuts back on the full frequency craziness for a crisp dancefloor experience. Finally "The God In Vodka" gives us all out insanity, tripping out into droning feedback and garbled sequences, the woozy leadline the booze laced icing on a very strange cake. Recorded in Brooklyn NY, on an economic set-up, this is fringe shit for the real freaks out there.


    1. Burning Mattresses
    2. Pena Adobe
    3. Smelling The Sheets
    4. The God In Vodka 

    Algorithmic / Baby Demo

    Ctrl Alt Dread / Nah Run

    Ball splitting carnival jungle bizniz here from Algorithmic and Baby Demo on the superb Lickshot Recordings. Sure to separate the men from the boys, "Cntl Alt Dread" opens with bouncy roots reggae licks peppered with piston subs and hyped up breaks in a true ragga-jungle mashup style. When the amens drop on this bad boi yous better be ready for the ensuing mayhem as this one explodes! With some ultra inventive, super trickski drum programming we're left gasping for breath until the next horn-laced, roots-fuelled breakdown, then its straight back into the pummeling subs and speedy breakbeats. On the flip, we get more OG jungle flavours as skippy beats meet a dread's ode to marijuana. Gritty and covered in pitch black dread, this ones for the real underground headz, rich in pirate radio flavour and crying out for some supplemented MC action. Solid double A-side here from all involved.


    Algorithmic - Ctrl Alt Dread
    Baby Demo - Nah Run

    ‘RELAXER’ is the third studio album from alt-J. Here they continue they’re genre-hopping style, taking in Nick Drake-esque folkyness, soaring post-rock dynamics, cinematic atmospherics and synth washes to create a typically inventive and diverse album.


    1 3WW
    2 In Cold Blood
    3 House Of The Rising Sun
    4 Hit Me Like That Snare
    5 Deadcrush
    6 Adeline
    7 Last Year
    8 Pleader

    alt-J announce the release of Live At Red Rocks, their first ever live album and concert film. Recorded at the historic Red Rocks amphitheatre near Morrison, Colorado, in the summer of 2015, Live At Red Rocks captures alt-J at the height of their powers, performing for 6,000 devoted fans. The 75-minute live album and concert film features songs from their Mercury Prize-winning debut An Awesome Wave and its GRAMMY and BRIT Award-nominated follow up This Is All Yours.


    01. Hunger Of The Pine
    02. Fitzpleasure
    03. Something Good
    04. Left Hand Free
    05. Dissolve Me
    06. Matilda - Interlude 2
    07. Bloodflood
    08. Bloodflood Part II
    09. Interlude 1
    10. Tessellate
    11. Every Other Freckle
    12. Taro
    13. Warm Foothills
    14. The Gospel Of John Hurt
    15. Lovely Day
    16. Nara
    17. Leaving Nara
    18. Breeze Blocks

    ‘This Is All Yours’ is the follow up to alt-J’s Platinum-selling, Mercury Prize winning debut record ‘An Awesome Wave’.

    Contains the singles ‘Hunger Of The Pine’ and ‘Every Other Freckle’.


    1. Intro
    2. Arrival In Nara
    3. Nara
    4. Every Other Freckle
    5. Left Hand Free
    6. Garden Of England
    7. Choice Kingdom
    8. Hunger Of The Pine
    9. Warm Foothills
    10. The Gospel Of John Hurt
    11. Pusher
    12. Bloodflood Pt.II
    13. Leaving Nara

    Alt-J’s stunning Mercury Music Prize winning debut album repackaged here in a beautiful jakebox containing the CD and a special bonus DVD which features never seen before track commentary from the band and exclusive performances from this year’s In The Woods boutique festival.


    Interlude I (The Ripe & Ruin)
    Interlude II
    Something Good
    Dissolve Me
    Interlude III
    Hand-made (Hidden Track)


    An Awesome Wave

      The band tipped for success in 2012 release their hotly anticipated debut album, ‘An Awesome Wave’.

      This eclectic album will appeal to fans of Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Wild Beasts, amongst others.


      Andy says: This is a ridiculously good debut album. It's angular, arty and complex but....wait for it: CATCHY! The playing and production are astonishing, and the way they combine so many flavours: distorted, dub step-tinged FX-laden bass, r'n'b grooves, acapella folk, glitchy electronica, and of course, angular, arty guitar pop, yet still make it cohesive, is a mind-boggling achievement. This delightful cacophony is topped off by Joe Newman's slurry and far-ranging, emotive vocals, (a more guttural Wild Beasts) which glide and swoop over the dizzying sounds beneath.
      They've been compared to Radiohead in that they're obviously brainy, embracing technology, and are really talented players, but I think it's mainly because Alt-J are going to be massive!? With their meticulously crafted sound, and unpredictable swerves, maybe Everything Everything spring to mind, and for their rootsy, folksy side, perhaps Fleet Foxes, but really this band are in a genre of one: the best new British band of 2012!


      1. Intro
      2. (The Ripe & Ruin)
      3. Tessellate
      4. Breezeblocks
      5. (Guitar)
      6. Something Good
      7. Dissolve Me
      8. Matilda
      9. Ms
      10. Fitzpleasure
      11. (Piano)
      12. Bloodflood
      13. Taro
      14. Hand-Made

      LR Rockets release their new single "Renee Loves Losers" on Ctrl Alt Del Records this summer on a limited edition 7" with exclusive photography from Gavin Watson of Skins and Punks fame (Skins and Punks Lost Archives 1978 -1985 Vice Magazine publishing). A not to be missed disc that is fused somewhere between punk and electronica, and a legendary piece of artwork from one of the coolest photographers around.


      I Say You Can't Stop

        Nelson have been hailed as 'the best French band to join the music scene in over 10 years'. Their music can be described as a cross between Joy Division, The Rapture, and Animal Collective. They promise explosive performances where aggressive guitars compete with delicate electronic sounds.

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