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Sasha introduces LUZoSCURA, a new compilation that has evolved from the thriving eponymous playlist. Featuring a diverse package of original works from a host of fresh talent, as well as established artists and Sasha himself, it traverses electronica, ambient, breaks and techno.

Meaning light and dark, LUZoSCURA began on Spotify as a stash of tracks sent to Sasha which didn’t meet the pace of his club sets nor suit his venerated label LNOE, LUZoSCURA came into its own through 2020 as Sasha gravitated toward more mellowed sounds while being off the road, and clubbers diverted their ears to home listening. Gaining a renewed source of energy in connecting with more gifted, budding producers and seeing the project blossom, the idea for the compilation came off the back of doing a live stream solely featuring tracks from the playlist. Meticulously compiled to flow like a DJ mix for home listening, Sasha kicks it off with the buoyant, breaks-influenced ‘Corner Shop’, the first of his three tracks on the compilation. MJ Cole is among the established artists to feature with blissed out track ‘Maestro’, while The Micronaut, a multi-instrumentalist whose back catalogue was a favourite of Sasha’s through lockdown, offers an immersive trip in ‘Koelsa’. Lau.ra, lead singer from British experimental rock band Ultraísta, evokes a sense of spiritedness in ‘I’ll Wait’ before we hear again from Sasha with another breaks-loaded trip in ‘HNDI’ and a collaboration with British producer Franky Wah. Closing the odyssey with a stirring, expansive soundscape is synth duo Felsmann + Tiley.


1. Sasha - Corner Shop
2. DJ P - Power
3. BAILE - Gone
4. Trypheme - Music For An Imaginary Fashion Publicity
5. Just Her & Nolan. Keisha Mair - Breathe You
6. Sasha & Franky Wah - I’ll Never Change
7. Dark Sky - Reserve Parachute
8. MJ Cole - Maestro
9. Lau.ra - I’ll Wait
10. QRTR - Forest Sprint
11. Enui - Us
12. The Micronaut - Koelsa
13. Jody Barr Feat. Felicia Douglass - Accidental Lovers
14. Because Of Art - Essence
15. Polymod - Cycles
16. Rival Consoles - Not Really
17. Cortese - Circles
18. Nocow - Atent
19. Sasha - HNDI
20. Alex Banks - Resurgence
21. Felsmann + Tiley - Yin/Yang

A1. Felsmann + Tiley - Yin/Yang
A2. Rival Consoles - Not Really
A3. QRTR - Forest Sprint
A4. BAILE - Gone
B1. Trypheme - Music For An Imaginary Fashion Publicity
B2. Dark Sky - Reserve Parachute
B3. DJ P - Power
B4. The Micronaut - Koelsa
C1. Enui - Us
C2. MJ Cole - Maestro
C3. Lau.ra - I’ll Wait
C4. Just Her & Nolan. Keisha Mair - Breathe You
D1. Jody Barr Feat. Felicia Douglass - Accidental Lovers
D2. Cortese - Circles
D3. Sasha - HNDI
E1. Sasha & Franky Wah - I’ll Never Change
E2. Polymod - Cycles
E3. Nocow - Atent
F1. Because Of Art - Essence
F2. Alex Banks - Resurgence

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Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming. 🎉
Sat 3rd - 11:57
Big love Jay. Thanks for coming down. 👍
Sat 3rd - 11:54
Soundcheck is still going on. So we’re a little late opening. Sorry about that.
Fri 2nd - 7:14
STAGE TIMES for our SOLD OUT End Of Year Review party across the road @nightanddaycafe tonight! DOORS 7PM KICKIN’…
Fri 2nd - 6:14
New banners up today to celebrate our winners 🏆 Album of the year @michaelheadtreb ‘Dear Scott’ via @ModernSkyUK
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