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Oar / Teething - Piccadilly Exclusive Signed And Numbered Print Edition

    London five-piece Ain’t announce their debut 7” ‘Oar / Teething’ - due 02 August 2024 on Fear of Missing Out Records. Bringing together the stranger side of ‘90s guitar, post-punk and shoegaze from both sides of the Atlantic, Ain’t expertly toe the line between nostalgia and ingenuity. Debut single “Oar” meditates on the swarming frustrations that stem from losing faith in those in charge. Hanna Darch’s vocals elastic-snap between a darkened, sardonic reverie and a spitting swell, capturing both the self-protection of apathy and an ever-bubbling, eruptive anger. The band’s line-up produces a sonic scowl, piecing together an incandescent hum that borders industrial noise and a lush, slow-pop dreamscape.


    A. Oar
    B. Teething


    Oar / Teething

      Bringing together the stranger side of ‘90s guitar, post-punk and shoegaze from both sides of the Atlantic, Ain’t expertly toe the line between nostalgia and ingenuity. Debut single 'Oar' meditates on the swarming frustrations that stem from losing faith in those in charge. Hanna Darch’s vocals elastic-snap between a darkened, sardonic reverie and a spitting swell, capturing both the self-protection of apathy and an ever-bubbling, eruptive anger. The band’s line-up produces a sonic scowl, piecing together an incandescent hum that borders industrial noise and a lush, slow-pop dreamscape.


      1. Oar
      2. Teething

      Junior Parker

      Love Ain't Nothing But A Business Goin' On - 2024 Reissue

        Next up in Mr Bongo's Groove Merchant Records reissue series, sees an outing for a much-loved and heavily sampled funk/soul/blues album by Junior Parker

        Originally issued under the title The Outside Man on Capitol Records in 1970 with an alternative cover, this reissue replicates the Groove Merchant release titled Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On featuring the car cover released in 1971. The Mississippi- born, Memphis- based blues singer, harmonica player and songwriter Junior Parker (aka Little Junior Parker) had a stellar career in music. Since the early 1950s he released records on labels such as Duke, Mercury, United Artists Records and more. Sadly though, Parker died at the young age of 39 during surgery on November 18, 1971. Originally released under the alternate title a year before his untimely death, Love Ain't Nothin' But a Business Goin' On is drenched in Parker's trademark buttery vocals and soulful grooves, swaggering between smokey blues, raw funk outings and orchestrated soul ballads (with sublime arrangements by Horace Ott).

        The album also features three Beatles cover versions in the form of 'Taxman', 'Lady Madonna' and 'Tomorrow Never Knows'. For 'Taxman', Parker completely reinterprets the song taking into a New Orleans funk realm, a sample of which was used as the main hook line on Cypress Hill's classic 'I Wanna Get High'. Elsewhere, 'Tomorrow Never Knows' is flipped into a tripped- out, psychedelic soul-swamp blues ballad, whilst 'Lady Madonna' is given a funky blues makeover.

        As shown with Cypress Hill's use of 'Taxman', since the '70s Parker's legacy has been immortalised for future generations through the deep well of samples that his music has become a source of. Tracks from Love Ain't Nothin' But a Business Goin' On have been sampled by some of the biggest names out there, such as A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Shadow and De La Soul.

        A seriously smooth album oozing with soul and emotion from a Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Junior Parker's Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On is a superb example of the early '70s crossover funk/soul sound.


        Love Ain't Nothing But A Business Goin' On
        The Outside Man
        Darling Depend On Me
        Rivers Invitation
        I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
        Just To Hold My Hand
        You Know I Love You
        Lady Madonna
        Tomorrow Never Knows

        Jim Jones All Stars

        Ain't No Peril

          A bubbling swamp curse of unholy rhythm, Jim Jones All Stars is the latest project from garage‬ godfather Jim Jones (Thee Hypnotics, The Jim Jones Revue). It features The Jim Jones Revue‬ members Gavin Jay and Elliot Mortimer, drummer Chris Ellul from (The Heavy), veteran punk‬ blues guitarist Carlton Mounsher (The Swamps), and a full horn section (Tenor Saxophonist‬ Stuart Dace and Baritone Saxophonists Tom Hodges and Chuchi Malapersona).‬

          After a midnight offering at the real crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the band made the‬ pilgrimage to Memphis, Tennessee to record with Memphis Magnetic founder Scott McEwen‬ (JD McPherson, Nick Waterhouse) in May of 2022.‬‬

          Produced by John Getze and mastered by Grammy Award winner Randy Merrill, the resulting‬‭ LP 'Ain’ No Peril' is a thick, greasy slab of Rama lama rhythm and blues that highlights some of‬ Jones's most inspired songwriting ever and features guest appearances from vocal powerhouse‬ Nikki Hill and Oxbow’s Eugene S. Robinson.

          “When you’re recording within spitting distance of the Mississippi River, there’s something about‬ that heavy Memphisair that changes the way that you hear the groove and grind,” says Jim‬ Jones. ‘Ain’t No Peril’ captures that feeling and bathes in that magic.”


          1. Devil's Kiss
          2. Gimme The Grease
          3. It's Your Voodoo Working
          4. Your Arms Will Be The Heavens
          5. I Want You (Any Way I Can)
          6. Hot Sauce
          7. Troglodyte
          8. Chingón
          9. You Got The Best Stink (I Ever Stunk)
          10. Ain't No Peril
          11. Drink Me
          12. Evil Eye

          Lucy Rose

          This Ain't The Way You Go Out

            British musician Lucy Rose released a third album, No Words Left, back in 2019. It garnered the strongest critical acclaim of her career and culminated in a sell-out show at London’s Barbican theatre. It was a record that ruminated in a sort of hushed reverence, emotionally charged and deftly delivered.

            Lucy had planned to spend some well-earned time at home in the record’s aftermath, having toured relentlessly since her late teens. She’d balanced that precariously spinning plate by forming her own record label too, Real Kind Records, putting out new records by artists she admired and thought deserved her due care and attention. With both plates spinning, she managed to catch them just before the pandemic ensured her plan for some rest and recouperation became an enforced reality. She welcomed her first child, Otis, in the summer of 2021. All was well until she was diagnosed with a rare form of pregnancy induced osteoporosis.

            With a life being lived upside down, and only now without the indignity of excruciating pain, making music wasn’t seeded top of Lucy’s priority list. Any fleeting thought of writing a new record, or even sitting down with a guitar or at a piano, took a back seat to building up the strength to walk and care for Otis. As her confidence started to rebuild, so did her usual inhibitions in the making of music. Inspired by a trip to America with friend and rapper Logic, she later worked with renowned producer Kwes to finish the record.

            This Ain’t The Way You Go Out is an album constructed from the ashes of despair, nurturing the tiniest of green shoots and giving life to something that had looked otherwise spent. It’s a new era for Lucy, and an era in its purest, truest sense. An artist re-awakening herself to the power of music, and having a lot of fun in the process of its discovery and delivery.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Lucy Roses's brilliant 'This Ain't The Way You Go Out' flawlessly straddles the disparate worlds of disco, folk and indie rock, delivered in Lucy's richly syncopated vocal style. There are myriad moments that could easily be made for the dancefloor but they classily move into similarly placid jazzy home listening fare. It's wonderfully done throughout, and hugely addictive the more you listen.

            TRACK LISTING

            Side A
            Light As Grass
            Could You Help Me
            Dusty Frames
            Whatever You Want
            Interlude I
            Life’s Too Short
            Side B
            This Ain’t The Way You Go Out
            Over When It’s Over
            Sail Away
            Interlude II
            No More
            The Racket

            The Tibbs

            Ain't It Funny / Give Me A Reason

            Record Kicks presents a new Soul 45 from Dutch combo The Tibbs that features two northern soul belters taken from the new album "Keep It For Yourself". The 45 will hit the streets on January 12. On the A side the soul stomper "Ain't It Funny" which is also the first single taken from the upcoming album, while on the B side "Give Me a Reason" an uptempo R&B soul stomper. Copies are limited to 500 worldwide, which makes it an instant collector's item and an essential buy for soul fans and djs.

            Produced by Paul Willemsen (Lefties Soul Connection, Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions) both tracks are taken from the new album Keep It to Yourself, the third Long Play from The Tibbs that is set for release on January 26th on LP, CD and digital format. Based around Amsterdam, The Tibbs took off in 2012 working right from the start with producer Paul Willemsen (Beans & Fatback, Lefties Soul Connection, Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions). In 2016, their first LP Takin' Over marked their debut with Milan-based imprint Record Kicks. The release of Takin' Over delivered the band rich rewards, like playing sold-out shows and wonderful festivals across Europe. In late 2018, singer Elsa decided to focus on a solo career and The Tibbs duly began their search for a truly worthy successor, bringing astonishing vocalist Roxanne Hartog and the band together for the first time with their sophomore album Another Shot Fired, released in November 2020. Now, with new recordings in the bag and an astounding third album ready to be released, The Tibbs are once more ready for lift off.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Ain't It Funny
            2. Give Me A Reason

            Jess Williamson

            Time Ain't Accidental

              After recently releasing the critically-acclaimed Plains album (I Walked With You A Ways) with Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee, Jess Williamson’s Time Ain’t Accidental is the sound of a woman running into her life and art head-on. With a vocal dynamic kindred to Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, Williamson blends the emotional immediacy and story-telling of traditional country with the artful, wholly honest transmissions of songwriters like Townes Van Zandt and Terry Allen. The album's reckoning with loss, isolation, romance, and personal reclamation signals both a stylistic and tectonic shift for Williamson: from someone who once made herself small to an artist emboldened by her power as an individual.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Time Ain’t Accidental
              2. Hunter
              3. Chasing Spirits
              4. Tobacco Two Step
              5. God In Everything
              6. A Few Seasons
              7. Topanga Two Step
              8. Something’s In The Way
              9. Stampede
              10. I’d Come To Your Call
              11. Roads

              Jimmy London

              It Ain't Easy Living In The Ghetto

                'It Ain't Easy Living In The Ghetto' 1980

                Produced by Phil Pratt

                Vocals: Jimmy London

                Bass: Aston 'Family Man' Barrett & Robert 'Robbie' Shakespeare

                Drums: Carlton Barrett & Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar

                Lead Guitar: Bertram 'Ranchie' MacLean

                Rhythm Guitar: Radcliffe 'Dougie' Bryan

                Keyboards: Ansell 'Pinkie' Collins & Bobby Kalphat

                Tenor Saxophone: Tommy McCook

                Alto Saxophone: Felix 'Deadly Headley' Bennett

                Trombone: Vincent 'Don D Junior' Gordon

                Percussion: Christopher 'Sky Juice' Blake, Noel 'Scully' Simms & Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson

                Recorded at: Channel One Recording Studio, 29 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, Jamaica

                Engineers: Ernest Hookim & Oswald 'Ossie' Hibbert

                TRACK LISTING

                It Aint Easy
                Rock And Roll Lullaby
                Jimmy Say Hello
                You Know What I Mean
                Running Wild
                Got To Change Your Ways
                Family Man
                Moving On
                Peggy My Love
                Loving You

                Spiller Featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor

                Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)

                  Every once in a while, a record comes along which resonates in a special way, stands the test of time, and brings the same reaction to the dancefloor now as it did all those years ago. “Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)” is one of those records, a classic in every sense of the word. Originally released in 2000, a big time for funky house and country-wide decadence in general. File next too: “Salsoul Nugget”, “So Much Love To Give”, “Cassius 1999”, “Red Alert” etc.

                  This unique two vinyl pack comes in full colour gatefold sleeve with augmented reality cover that will come to life once you scan the mask image on your phone accompanied by a four page 12” insert written by Spiller detailing the full story of “Groovejet”; from original production, early reactions, chart success and new 2021/22 remixes.

                  The releases features the original versions plus new mixes Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode, Riva Star, Breakbot & Irfane and Harvey Sutherland. Exclusive to the vinyl are Riva Starr’s Skylight Mix and the Harvey Sutherland Instrumental version.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode Remix)
                  A2. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Breakbot & Irfane Remix)
                  B1. Groovejet
                  B2. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Vocal Mix)
                  C1. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Riva Starr Disco Odyssey Mix)
                  C2. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Riva Starr Skylight Mix)
                  D1. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Harvey Sutherland Remix)
                  D2. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Harvey Sutherland Instrumental)

                  Teenage Waitress

                  You Ain't Got It Bad (RSD22 EDITION)


                    Limited transparent blue vinyl 7” single for RSD, 500 copies only. Rsd 22 Brings You A Ltd 7” Pressing Of Single ‘You Ain’t Got It Bad’ By Teenage Waitress. An Electronic, Melancholy Hum Along Number. You Ain’t Got It Bad ‘ is a danceable, upbeat track with trippy psych production and a strong positive message. It features. both a vocal cameo from Blue Canary’s Harry Burgees and as close to a happy ending as you’ll probably get from Daniel.

                    The Record is backed with an exciting Pale Sabres (of Colorama Records) remix of ‘I’m Leaving Berlin’ also from the Love & Chemicals album. Teenage Waitress is the solo project from Daniel Ash. The debut album, ‘Love & Chemicals’ is a fresh hybrid of infectious 60’s inspired pop melodies, blippy synths and fuzzy guitars all set to short lyrical vignettes. Some are funny, some are mysterious but all have a story to tell.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    SIDE A: You Ain't Got It Bad - 4:02
                    SIDE B: I'm Leaving Berlin (Pale Sabres Remix) - 4.25

                    Tim Tucker

                    Ain't That A Groove Thang / U & I - T-Groove Remixes

                    Brand new honey-coated soul from Tim Tucker on Six Nine by way of two salubrious remixes from Japanese groove craftsman Yuki T-Groove Takahashi. Upbeat boogie is the order of the day on "Ain't That A Groove Thang" with subtle vocal arrangements and a full west coast flavour on the keys. "U & I" is a little more sensual; loose off grid drums, squelchy bass and come-to-bed chords that flutter off into the mix. This is most definitely a groove thang.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Ain't That A Groove Thang (T Groove Remix)
                    B1. U & I (feat Daniel Wiley - T Groove Remix)

                    Son Of Dave

                    Ain't Nuthin' But The Blues

                    “You are going to hear Rhythm & Blues the way I personally likes to pervert it” - Son Of Dave.

                    Twenty-first century blues man Son Of Dave returns with new single ‘Ain’t Nuthin’ But The Blues’, produced by Jimmy Hogarth (Paolo Nutini, Amy Winehouse). A feverishly contagious three and a half minutes of twisted voodoo pop.

                    Infamous for his one-man band style, both in the studio and on the road, this new recording of the song (previously released on the Steve Albini produced ‘Shake A Bone’ album) sees Son Of Dave’s lo-fi sound expanded and built upon with full horn section, bubbling Hammond organ, handclaps and a Stax style rhythm section.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Ain’t Nuthin’ But The Blues
                    Shake Your Hips

                    JD Crowe And The New South

                    My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame

                      JD Crowe And The New South's latest album is from one of the most influential and pioneering bands in the history of bluegrass. This is a vibrant and eclectic selection of songs, with the band's trailblazing style well in evidence.

                      Tom Paxton

                      Ramblin' Boy & Ain't That News

                        Although now established as one of the prime figures in the US folk revival, in 1964 Tom Paxton was just starting out on his recording career. Yet his debut remains one of the finest works he's ever recorded, carrying a rare power and sense of purpose. Whilst influenced by Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and the like, it was Paxton that captured the mood of the day with a string of classic compositions that still have the timeless ability to reach out and move the listener. These Elektra remasters are a wonderful reminder of a respected performer in the virility of his youth.

                        Sly & The Family Stone

                        Ain't But The One Way

                          1980 Mr Sylvester Stewart asks that important question "Who In the Funk Do You Think You Are?"

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