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Burnin Beat Feat. Olive Masinga

It's Hot

Oooof! I'll be the first to admit I'd never heard of Burnin Beat, or Olive Masinga, or this record until about six months ago, when NY edit upstart DanyB dropped the huge "Love Is Torturin' Me". After Kickin' Pidge, Dave Walker, Silvestre, Russ from Vinyl Exchange and half our customers begged me to uncover the original, I did a little diggin' and discovered it was Burnin Beat's "Searchin'". Unfortunately for us, it was insanely rare and last changed hands about eight years ago for £600. We all stuck to the edit, made do with the loops and kissed our chances of owning this gem goodbye. Well, that is until Afro Synth secured the rights for an official reissue, putting this divine 1979 South African disco banger within reach once more.
On the A-side, "It's Hot" leads in with big piano chords, sustained strings and wah guitar riffs, soon swelling into a glorious midtempo groove complete with slick bass and soulful vocals. In the same timeless, emotive and exultant disco soul mould as Aleke Kanonu and Gloria Ann Taylor's "Love Is A Hurtin' Thing". On any other record, "It's Hot" would be the star attraction, but this isn't any old record. Flip the disc and prepare to lose your shit to the frankly HUGE "Searchin'", a soulful disco masterpiece which combines the best bits of a Chic classic (cool guitar licks, dramatic piano, infectious rhythm section) with passionate vocals, very African organ tones and a massive midrange synth riff that WILL blast you into a different dancefloor dimension. To be honest, words don't do this one justice, so just go ahead and hit the clips. 


Patrick says: That's right folks, the source material for that massive DanyB edit is finally given the official reissue treatment and it's totally unreal. If you like your disco driving and soulful then this should stay with you forever. File next to Gloria Ann Taylor and Aleke Kanonu...

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