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Stadium house poster boys Adelphi Music Factory return with another massive, mass-uniting big room cut for the festivals and arena gigs that never were in 2020. Turning to the spine-tingling endorphin rushes of hardcore breaks and rave, "My People" is the act's ode to humanity in the grip of crisis; a joyous, arms-aloft tribute to enduring love for the empty dancefloor across the globe. Hang on in their folks, we WILL dance again!


says: Adelphi return to blow your chakras clean outta the top of yer head with possibly the Largest (thanks Pete Tong) release to grace our house section this year. Yes, I know it's technically RAVE but that's where it lives!

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We miss seeing you all 😔 Stay strong, people ✊
Thu 14th - 2:39
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