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You're Alright

    SPC ECO are made up of Rose Berlin who has been graced with a voice that has the ability to melt hearts and minds, Joey Levenson with his tone-bending distortions and original approach to the sound possibilities of the guitar, Harry KG's layers of shoegaze guitar, and Dean Garcia well known for his dub-laden fluid bass lines, wall of sound production and composition with the seminal 90's band Curve.

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    Some Sunday classics here for you. OPEN 11 - 5 today.
    Sun 22nd - 10:10
    Tonight @porridgeradio take to the stage @nightanddaycafe for our very special SOLD OUT out-store 🙌 Stage times:…
    Fri 20th - 4:20
    Congratulations to Joanne who won one of only 10 hand painted versions of the new album from @porridgeradio ‘Waters…
    Fri 20th - 11:12
    Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou - thank you for the music, Vangelis. 1943 - 2022
    Fri 20th - 8:23
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