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The Wolfhounds

Hands In The Till: The Complete John Peel Sessions

    Originally formed as teenagers in 1984, The Wolfhounds released four critically acclaimed LPs and numerous singles, appeared on the NME’s influential C86 cassette, extensively toured the UK and continental Europe, finally disbanding in 1990. The band reformed in 2006 at the request of St Etienne’s Bob Stanley to celebrate 20 years since the release of C86, and inflicted a severe guitar noisefest on an unsuspecting indiepop crowd at London’s ICA. Since 2012 they have been recording and releasing new material.

    At the peak of media attention over the new bands promoted by the C86 cassette, The Wolfhounds recorded three four-song sessions for the BBC’s legendary late-night John Peel Show between March 1986 and January 1987, capturing all the excitement and youthful exuberance of a band just catching the public imagination. With an energy born of sweaty, rammed gigs in the function rooms of London pubs and a willful experimentation nurtured in suburban bedrooms and garages away from watchful eyes, The Wolfhounds blasted their raw live sound straight to tape with little in the way of overdubs or the more considered studio polish of their excellent albums.

    Every song from these sessions is now gathered together on Hands In The Till, making a surprisingly coherent whole despite the heady disorganized thrust of the times and a couple of line-up changes in the meantime. More wiry and angular than most of their C86 peers, The Wolfhounds had more in common with The Fall than The Byrds, and "Hands In The Till" shows them at their caustic best.

    The Wolfhounds are now (hyper-)active again, releasing two full-length LPs in recent years and performing at several popfests (including Berlin and New York) and Stewart Lee’s All Tomorrow’s Parties, as well as regular club dates of their own. The band continue to be more relevant than ever, grabbing their home country’s woes by the horns on the recent double LP, "Untied Kingdom or How to Come to Terms with your Culture" (which featured guest musicians from such bands as PJ Harvey, Gallon Drunk, Scritti Politti and Evans The Death), Hands In The Till is sure to illuminate such an expansive modern work’s precocious teenage beginnings, as well as providing the band’s contemporary listeners a nostalgic buzz – forever, a real all-ages show!


    Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly

      Thirty years ago a young Northern band named Bradford were very publically handed the baton by Morrissey to blaze a trail in English indie music after the demise of The Smiths. Top British producer Stephen Street immediately signed the band to his brand new label and the scene was set for Bradford who in the words of Sounds magazine in May 1988 were "Five guys with strict haircuts – their image conjures up short, sharp shocks but their music tells a different story.. creating intelligent and distinctive, finely crafted pop songs. There are no jangly jaunts through well- trodden paths of predictability – the image, the name, the songs, the intelligence and the voice see to that".

      Alas two things destroyed their chances: the collapse of Rough Trade, sending Stephen Street’s new label into ruin and the overwhelming avalanche in music that became known as ‘Madchester’. Bradford’s brand of sleek English pop was suddenly completely out of step with the times.

      Thirty years on and it’s time for a reappraisal. Here it is in its remastered form containing 3 top twenty indie singles, one being the renowned indie classic ‘Skin Storm’ which Morrissey also recorded and released in 1991.

      This newly re-mastered re-release also contains ‘In Liverpool’ (a Record Mirror Single of The Week) their first single for Stephen Street’s Foundation label, b sides, the eponymous French mini album and some never before released material. 30 tracks in all on gatefold double cd and vinyl with extensive liner notes by Fergal Kinney (Louder Than War), lyrics and photos.


      2xCD Info: 30 track double CD.

      Various Artists

      The Test Of Time

        The return of A Turntable Friend Records starts with an opulent 40 track retrospective compilation of their heydays in the 1909s. Peers of Sarah Records and Slumberland Records but far from copying their style, ATF Records always had their own musical identity allowing for a roster as diverse as Boyracer (with Even As We Speak), Secret Shine, The Claim, The Ropers, the Hellfire Sermons + Lorelei.

        This compilation is a feast of highlights from the long-deleted back catalogue plus 8 unreleased tracks from the period. Many of the original 7s & 12s are much sought after collector items and several tracks appear on cd for the first time.

        Indie guitar popof the best variety delivered by bands from the UK< USA, Australia + Japan.

        The release is luxuriously packaged in a tri-fold sleeve for the triple vinyl, strictly limited to 500 for the world. It includes a 12 x 12 full colour booklet and a download code.

        This compilation is a fundraiser for the William Wates Memorial Trust in the UK with all profits being donated.

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