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The Bank Of England - Vinyl Reissue

    First time on vinyl . CD released by Shinkansen in 1998.

    A Colourful Storm presents the first-time vinyl issue of one of the true treasures of modern pop music: Blueboy's The Bank Of England. The group of Paul Stewart, Keith Girdler, Cath Close, Ian Gardner and James Neville are Sarah Records royalty alongside The Field Mice, Heavenly, The Wake and The Orchids, and this is the final recording from arguably the most beautiful, afflicted band of 90's indie-pop and DIY.

    Mastered from the original recording tapes with assistance from Sarah and Shinkansen Records' own Matt Haynes.

    Full colour reverse-card LP sleeve with printed insert.

    Ultra hyped, pneumatic piston d'n'b here from the interestingly titled Mark. "Integrier Dich Du Yuppie" is fresh, tight, high speed action, supported on a raft of 808 subs and decorated with sci-fi fx and brilliantly programmed breaks. "Samwers In The Uferhallen" is a more disjointed affair, with beats manipulated into oblivion and more prominent conga rhythms littering the mix. Again, it's vacuum packed and super tight; reminding me of Clarity's "Infinite" on Samurai Music. "...Careful Development Without Haste" completes the set, a Photek-indebted horror d'n'b shocker with Darren Aronofsky inspired sound palette striking fear and tension in our hearts and a metallic, cranium busting fx splitting our consciousness apart.


    Matt says: Rigid, super-taught, pneumatically powered new jungle here. Not for the faint hearted

    Sublime compilation of long-lost Australian indie-pop, acoustic jangle and beat happenings gathered by Melbourne-based collector and DJ Bayu and label head Moopie.
    Twelve tracks of singular vision spanning up- and downbeat pop, post-punk and minimal synth rarities recorded between 1982 and now.
    Australian twee pop royalty the Cat's Miaow shares the stage with the Cannanes and the Particles; Ya Ya Choral with Sarah Records' own Even As We Speak.
    Included is the previously unreleased 'Dot', by Mutant Sounds cult band Maestros and Dipsos.
    Full colour reverse-card sleeve with printed insert and lyrics sheet.


    Andy says: Wow, a beautiful blast from (predominantly) the past! Classic mid to late 80's indie with some earlier post-punk dislocation thrown in for good measure. Fragile, yearning pop music for all us Creation, Factory, Sarah Records nerds! Swoon. Sigh etc etc!

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