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Greg Wilson’s Discotheque Archives

Extended Hardback Version (2023)

    In January 2023, Discotheque Archives will be made available as an extended hardback. It includes 20 extra sections, with additional DJs, records, venues and labels, which fill in some of the gaps from the original series, and comes complete with a number of new Pete Fowler DJ illustrations, plus a comprehensive index that lists around 750 records referenced in the book’s pages.

    Having originally unfurled as a monthly series for DJ Magazine, Discotheque Archives was first issued in book form two years ago, during lockdown, as a limited run paperback. The hope was that it would sell 250 copies, with a best-case scenario target of 500, but the response exceeded all expectations and the final amount swelled to 1600 in a matter of weeks. Putting a cap on things at this point, the intention has since been to extend the book for future publication.

    Highlighting the pre-rave era, taking in the DJs, clubs and music that laid the groundwork on which a now global dance culture was built, Discotheque Archives can be purchased via the sales link at the foot of the page.


    What a brilliant collection of stories from @dj_greg_wilson… Focus on key clubs and DJ’s that created the foundation for clubbing today… I can’t recommend it enough. Great work made with love and passion.


    Wow! What a brilliant new book from legendary club DJ @djgregwilson. From the Casino to the Haçienda and beyond. It’s a must-have for all lovers of the dance underground scene.


    I thought this would be a ‘bathroom book’ but I ended up reading it cover to cover in one sitting! Greg’s knowledge of this scene and his journalistic skills are brought together in a series of must-read snapshots about the people, places and songs integral to the development of dance music.


    A great freakin’ book.


    Whether you’re just starting out as a DJ or a have been doing it since God was a boy, Discotheque Archives by Greg Wilson is a must have addition to your reading collection.


    Given this beautiful book by @dj_greg_wilson which is utterly amazing. A treasure chest of the very best of dance music culture.


    Memories of the way we were and all that. Great idea the cartoon covers. Forever young so to speak.


    Really enjoyable and informative


    A few bits of history on the UK side I was unaware of, great book thanks, wish you success.


    Love the book, congratulations


    Your book is 100/100. So good Greg.


    A lovely little thing that book is!


    A must read from the David Attenborough of Disco.

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