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Henrik Schwarz, one of electronic music’s most well-respected producers, has collaborated with the internationally renowned Metropole Orkest and its conductor Jules Buckley to release a new, full-length LP titled "Scripted Orkestra" on 7K!. Metropole Orkest is one of the world’s leading orchestras when it comes to performing anything but classical music and they have played and helped shape the world of contemporary orchestra music since their foundation in 1945.

Originally performed live as the opening concert of ADE 2016 and broadcast by Boiler Room, this new studio recording delves further into Schwarz’s increasingly formidable orchestral talent, showcasing the incomparable thrill of seamlessly blending acoustic performance with computer generated music. This new development sees Schwarz grow more confident and ambitious as an instrumental composer. Eschewing the term ‘classical’, Schwarz instead captures the movement, emotion and energy he’s mastered across over two-hundred productions and remixes.

Here, in bridging the two worlds of orchestral sounds with computer aided ‘SCRIPTED’ composition, Schwarz has used his intuition to strike upon unexpected qualities surprisingly resonant to the current climate of music, art and society at large. Indeed, album centerpiece, "Counter Culture", written in collaboration with producer, vocalist and friend, Ben Westbeech, is a 'positive protest song' in tribute to the spirit of community and togetherness that music can foster.

Martyn Heyne

Electric Intervals

After 2016’s mini-album Shady and Light, composer and guitarist Martyn Heyne releases his first full-length record Electric Intervals on the new 7K! imprint. Says Heyne: “The number of parameters that determine a recording appears to be infinite. The mood, instrument, tuning, mics, room, temperature, time of day; all contribute to sound. The magic, once captured, is impossible to recreate. This might seem a hindrance, but it’s really the whole point of recording for me.” Opener ‘Carry’, for example, is a composition carefully developed over months with most of the production happening in front of the microphone. ‘Wilde Wide’, however, was recorded only once as an early-morning improvisation. Having worked with Dustin O’Halloran on the Emmy-winning Transparent soundtrack and with clarinettist Claudio Puntin as part of the duo Set Aglow, Heyne’s sound is one of simplified diversity.

On his debut album he controls each melody with the precision of a veteran producer. The intricate chords of Carry, the use of silence in Patina, the driving quietude of Fårö; they all invite to creep in close to hear his message. While most of the album’s tracks seamlessly melt into each other, the beats of Come On actively stand out, forcing the listener to sit up and pay attention, “like an espresso in the afternoon.” Born in Hamburg, Heyne taught himself the guitar and piano at an early age, learning by the geography of keys and strings rather than via traditional methods. His unorthodox tendencies filtered into an adolescence of more classical training at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and residencies across the UK. In 2009, Heyne set up his unique Lichte Studio in Berlin, where he has worked with the likes of The National, Nils Frahm, Lubomyr Melnyk, Peter Broderick and Efterklang, with whom he also extensively toured.

“Cinematic feasts of dramatic strings and cascading pianos that will satisfy fans of Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds” The Ransom Note.

That certainly seems the case as the crushing emptiness of "Her Dreams" slowly emerges into the sonic space. Old school veterans Richard Dorfmeister and Stefan Obermaier are on hand to remix the track - transforming it into a epically mournful piano piece, galvanized with droning electronics and rumbling sub oscillators. "Screaming Silence" is touched up by Howie B who does a sterling job of organizing all the elements into a dreamy, crisp, high definition soundscape. Drifting synth parts meeting frenetic percussion and detailed low end perfectly, a blissed-out electro-disco missiv for the up-all-weekend dreamers. Check! 

Luca D'Alberto

Wait For Me (Remixes)

    While the original contained 'cinematic feasts of dramatic strings and cascading pianos that will satisfy fans of Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds' (The Ransom Note) we now get two hot producers on remix duties, electrifying the ambience and adding plenty of forward momentum. Edward steps up to the plate first, providing two hi-tech, futuristic interpretation shimmering with modern industry and mis-placed optimism. Personal preference lands on the "Ambienca" version, which isn't ambient at all, just floaty, blissful, groovy tech-house executed with finesse and style. Dixon Avenue star and one of house music's most promising upstarts, Marquis Hawkes delivers a slamming remix on the flip, with scuffed snares, looping vox and buzzing synth work. All in all a captivating and propulsive double header of remix action, complementing the original beautifully and sympathetically. Recommended!

    !K7's contemporary classical offshoot 7K! rises from its slumber with "Endless" – the new album played entirely by Luca D’Alberto – the Italian composer who counts Wim and Donata Wenders, Peter Lindbergh and Lars Von Trier’s Zentropa as fans. Driven by pristine piano and rich strings, "Endless" is sonically opulent with vivid, wonder-evoking pieces conveying wintry, widescreen panoramas and a propulsive arpeggio-fueled energy. Luca composed, arranged and played all instruments on "Endless" himself – the violin, viola, violectra, cello and piano. It was produced by Martyn Heyne (who has worked with Nils Frahm, Lubomir Melnyk, Peter Broderick, Tiny Ruins and The National), with additional production by the lauded DJ/musician Henrik Schwarz. D’Alberto graduated ‘summa cum laude’ with a Ministerial Mention at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali G. Braga in Teramo, Abruzzo, where he was born and raised. He has performed at prestigious events including the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch in Germany for the ‘Pina40 Festival’, and has worked with various influential figures in the Italian movie and theater world: These include ‘Lampedusani’ - a film-based art project by Luca, the award winning director Costanza Quatriglio and the renowned novelist/poet Erri De Luca, whilst orchestration and full scores were provided by D’Alberto for films including Giorgio Albertazzi's 'Giacomo Puccini', Michele Placido's 'La Scelta', plus 'Sembra Mio Figlio' and '9X10 Novanta' by Costanza Quatriglio.


    Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

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