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Originally distributed & released through Mo's Music Machine in 1997 (Cat: BREAKS1), then later revamped by 500 Rekords in 1999 (Cat: FHR-508) under IN-SYNC "Cool The Menta". The producer / artist unraveled that the title meaning was to (Cool the mentality) or when issues arouse in a dance that everyone should be cool and calm and maintain good vibes. On this release, the artist opted for the original artist / title details.

‘Para Mix’ is a 4x4 number; utilizing tasty vocal stabs and intricate synthesis which takes on wavy stabs and glitching keys. High energy, optimism and power.

‘Dynamic Essence’ mix is a straight up concoction of UKG, bolster by some jungle-inspired sub woofer business. A detailed arrangement with ‘nuff drops and breakdowns plus a whole heap of soul make this my go-to mix across the entire 12” – I challenge anyone not to shake a tail feather to this!

We move into speed garage / bassline flavoured tackle on side B; the ‘Impact SG’ mix deploying time stretched vox, dub sirens and a rumbling Reece bassline for maximum sound system pressure. Finally, ‘Johnny U-Tah Crystal Dub’ closes off with a final volley of tight bassline and vocal chops, half UKG, half 4x4 – all very satisfactory on the ears.

Killer stuff here – reviving a true underground anthem with four fresh mixes – check!


Matt says: Bad ass bassline n UKG vibes here on Karl Brown's recently rejuvenated 2tuf 4u Records. Big ting!


A1. CoolThaMenta (Para Mix)
A2. CoolThaMenta (Dynamic Essence Mix)
B1. CoolThaMenta (Impact SG Mix)
B2. CoolThaMenta (Johnny U-Tah Crystal Dub)

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