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Following Lo Shea’s industrial flavoured "Iterations EP", Dusky’s 17 Steps welcomes the mysterious Polymod to the label family with a three track EP of club tools that draw on classic acid house and techno influences.

Hooked with a vintage ’88 piano loop and tightly sprung bassline, opener "No Other" has been ever present in Dusky’s sets since the autumn - already inspiring multiple posts in a certain well-known Facebook ID group, as well as causing one eager ID hunter to tweet Dusky with home played piano videos of the main loop. For all its catchiness, though, it maintains an understated approach that plays on dynamics and contrast - both a driving club tool and anthemic crowd pleasure in equal measure.

Taking a darker route but maintaining the intensity, "TX" goes for the jugular with a looping surge of biting acid and rolling electro rhythms. Completing the trio is the spacious "PG1000" that joins the dots between '90s ambient, proto-house and Detroit machine music at its most dreamy. 

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