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    Hamburg based Label Mantra Mantra drops its first EP by 11Schnull. "Imperia" is not only the first release by 11Schnull, Hamburg-based DJ and producer, but also marks the birth of a new record and design label named Mantra Mantra. It will release electronic music from up-and-coming artists as well as handcrafted merchandising items, created specifically for each new output.

    On this first EP the title track spans over an epic length of 10 minutes and combines an ecclesiastical sample field-recorded in the basilica of Imperia, Italy, with trippy choral soundscapes and hard crashing drums. The B side contains "Jam des Terrorglobus", a rough uncut session he held with his friend Baxmann, and a dark and quaky electro piece called "Roofies on fire", a harsh club banger that could potentially be the last track played at an illegal rave before the "Polizei" shows up. But this part of the story will be told on vinyl only.


    A1 Imperia
    B1 Jam Des Terrorglobus (feat. Baxmann)
    B2 Roofies On Fire
    B3 Polizei

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