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I have little info to base this review off, so I'm gonna go off book. Possibly the result of a chance airport meeting between Baris Manco, Lee Perry, Bufiman and Goat, "Ortmek" is a three track excursion into the most psychedelic fringes of the disco/Balearic/funk fraternity. Sponsored by a Roland Space Echo, each of these Turkish cut ups features a whole host of baffling tape delay and crunching spring reverb. If you dug on that flipped out Beauty Bits edit a couple of months back, this one's defo gonna hit the spot. Opening track "Aycicegi" slouches through some massive break beats, whispered scatting and frazzled guitar licks with plenty of dub fx in the mix. If Khruangbin ever toughened up for psychefest, it'd sound something like this. Next up "Biz Burdayiz" bowls along at a brisk (comparatively) mid tempo, bringing us tape saturated drums, tripped out tape delay and freaked out spring hits with a moaning female vocal on top. Soon enough a squelching bass synth joins the festivities and you're becoming well acquainted with your next mix tool. Finally "Gunesi Kesin" lets loose with a tense funk break which builds and builds before reversing inside of itself. Vinyl only and handstamped? Sounds like a collector's item to me...


Patrick says: There's been a slew of top notch Turkish tackle lately, and the first Ortmek 12" is no exception. This time round rhythm is pushed to the forefront, as the mystery producers power up the Space Echo to royally dub the fuck out of the psychedelic OGs.

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