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Prefuse 73


    After various incarnations and mini releases, Guillermo Scott Herren is back with his most accomplished and sonically diverse work since 2003's revolutionary bestseller "One Word Extinguisher". "Preparations" features two killer collaborations with NYC contemporaries: one featuring John Stanier from the mighty Battles, the other the lovely ladies from School Of Seven Bells. Also included is bonus disc (with CD and LP formats) "Interregnums", which showcases Prefuse 73's until now unheard explorations into orchestral depth and texture – a real treat for hardcore fans and a great discovery for newbies.

    Mira Calix

    Eyes Set Against The Sun

      Mira Calix, former record shop manager, DJ and boundary-blurring songwriter presents her third album. It's beautiful and delicate, hypnotic and uplifting - It's out-there, but it's in-here too. "Eyes Set Against The Sun" features a melee of sound including strings, piano, a glockenspiel, buzzing beats, ghostly voices and a children's choir multilayered with field recordings of birds, leaves, water and snow melting. There's even the sound of an old bamboo xylophone slowly crumbling apart. Such aural enjoyment invites the listener to conjure up personal visions of the landscapes and colour that inspired this magical album. Just as the pauses between and during the songs are elegantly arranged, like oxygen allowing the music to breath and come alive, so too are the three spaces, like three silent beats, used in the title of the record, "Eyes Set Against The Sun".


      Music Is Rotted One Note

        With sparkling Rhodes keyboard work, speed-fuelled jazz breaks and fluid basslines, Squarepusher's 1998 album pays homage to his jazz-rock roots. These sounds are woven into the fabric of IDM electronica album in true Warp style.

        Grizzly Bear

        Yellow House

          "Yellow House" is a beautifully crafted masterpiece - a sonic sun kissed journey of woozy guitars, brushed drums, woodwinds, strings, hazy electronics, layered vocals and sweeping harmonies. This tantalisingly sublime and idyllic album will appeal to fans of Devendra, Sufjan, Mercury Rev, Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips, Jose Gonzales, Belle & Sebastian.

          Boards Of Canada

          Trans Canada Highway

          Using the sun-kissed "Dayvan Cowboy" as its starting point, Boards of Canada's "Trans Canada Highway" mini album / EP follows on from last year's "Campfire Headphase" album. At just under 30 minutes, it's a six track hallucinogenic road trip of isolation and exploration. Neatly, the EP ends up almost where it started, with a moody, twilight distillation of "Dayvan Cowboy" courtesy of cLOUDDEAD's Odd Nosdam.


          A1. Dayvan Cowboy
          A2. Left Side Drive
          A3. Heard From Telegraph Lines
          B1. Skyliner
          B2. Under The Coke Sign
          B3. Dayvan Cowboy (Odd Nosdam Remix)

          Boards Of Canada

          The Campfire Headphase

          Cult electronic pioneers Boards Of Canada return with their long awaited third album, "The Campfire Headphase". Closer than ever to their love of psychedelic and mushroom bands that have influenced them, the album reflects the fact that they have been living deep in the country, with the rhythms being those of nature rather than those of the city. Whilst the album is warm and spacious with layers of live instrumentation, it also contains many of the Boards trademarks that people have come to love - wobbly electronics, melancholic synth washes etc. With the sleeve referencing their classic "Music Has The Right To Children", and the music expanding on previous sounds, "The Campfire Headphase" doesn't disappoint.


          A1. Into The Rainbow Vein
          A2. Chromakey Dreamcoat
          A3. Satellite Anthem Icarus
          A4. Peacock Tail
          B1. Dayvan Cowboy
          B2. A Moment Of Clarity
          B3. 84 Pontiac Dream
          B4. Sherbet Head
          C1. Oscar See Through Red Eye
          C2. Ataronchronon
          C3. Hey Saturday Sun
          C4. Constants Are Changing
          D1. Slow This Bird Down
          D2. Tears From The Compound Eye
          D3. Farewell Fire

          Prefuse 73

          Surrounded By Silence

            A new album for 2005 from Prefuse 73 which sees the prolific producer move further onwards into uncharted sonic territories. Prefuse 73 is one-man production powerhouse Scott Herren and "Surrounded By Silence" represents 'the radio station of his mind', featuring a constellation of stars from hip hop and indie royalty he met while touring and producing during the last two years. They include GZA, El-P, Kazu (Blonde Redhead), Ghostface, Masta Killa, Aesop Rock, Beans, Tyondai Braxton and Broadcast. The resulting material makes for an amazingly diverse, totally unique and yet completely accessible body of work, all securely underpinned and melded together with Prefuse 73's visionary production.

            Nightmares On Wax

            Smokers Delight

              Reissue of the 1995 magnum opus - a defining statement of intent in the development of the Nightmares On Wax sound. Moving away from the bleeps and breaks of their first album, ‘Smokers Delight’ presents a post-club comedown journey which experiments with elements of jazz, dub, soul and hip hop.

              If you don't own a copy of this LP, you should get one right now because it's one of the best LPs of the 90s. Originally out in '95, it's a defining moment of the 'trip hop' genre and ranks alongside LPs by Portishead and Massive Attack from the same era. Pure schmokers downbeat sounds!

              TRACK LISTING

              Nights Introlude
              Pipes Honour
              Me + You
              Wait A Minute
              Praying For A Jeepbeat
              Groove St.
              Time (To Listen)
              (Man) Tha Journey
              Bless My Soul
              Cruise (Don’t Stop)
              Mission Venice
              What I’m Feelin (Good)
              Rise (Reprise)
              Gambia Via Vagatorbeach

              Boards Of Canada


              Four years on from the massive 'Music Has The Right To Children' Boards Of Canada arrived with triple album epic 'Geogaddi'. It features 23 three tracks of haunting, spooky, exquisite unique electronica. Instead of just repeating the formula of its predecessor, the Scottish duo pushed their sound in a darker direction. However, all of the qualities with which Boards of Canada are identified are still present. Their melodies ooze and whoosh, in an out, rarely repeating and rarely staying true to key or convention. Their timing is startling and impeccable, laying down the biggest of beats in the smallest of places. Syncopation and clipping are not as prominent on 'Geogaddi' as they were on 'Children' but their subtle and frequent presence is crucial to each song's character and presence. Their production is painstakingly attentive to each detail, and it pays off. Every kick of bass drum is perfectly symmetric, crisp, and full.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Ready Lets Go
              A2. Music Is Math
              A3. Beware The Friendly Stranger
              A4. Gyroscope
              A5. Dandelion
              B1. Sunshine Recorder
              B2. In The Annexe
              B3 Julie And Candy
              B4. The Smallest Weird Number
              C1. 1969
              C2. Energy Warning
              C3. The Beach At Redpoint
              C4. Opening The Mouth
              D1. Alpha And Omega
              D2 I Saw Drones
              D3. The Devil Is In The Details
              D4. A Is To B As B Is To C
              D5. Over The Horizon Radar
              E1. Dawn Chorus
              E2. Diving Station
              E3. You Could Feel The Sky
              E4. Corsair
              F. Magic Window

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