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Belle And Sebastian

Write About Love

    Unlike its predecessors, "Write About Love" is an album which has come together in a relatively short period of time. After reconvening in February 2010, a period of writing and pre-production in Glasgow was followed by a trip to Los Angeles for recording with Tony Hoffer (who also produced ‘The Life Pursuit’) at the renowned Sound Factory Studio B.

    Adopting a more fluid approach than on the previous record, fourteen songs were recorded and mixed by the start of June, of which eleven feature on the CD and vinyl releases. Two further tracks from these sessions appear on a bonus 7” with the vinyl edition of the album.

    As ever, the record draws the band’s internal songwriting strengths, but this time includes some guest performances. Stuart Murdoch wrote the majority of the songs on the album, while Sarah Martin takes lead vocals on her two contributions, "I Didn’t See It Coming" and "I Can See Your Future" and Stevie Jackson on his ("I’m Not Living In The Real World"). In addition, Norah Jones contributes lead vocals to "Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John" (which also appears on her forthcoming album of duets and collaborations called "Featuring") and actress Carey Mulligan sings on "Write About Love". Strings were added by LA residents The Section Quartet.


    Millie says: I’m spoilt for choice with Belle and Sebastian albums; they’re a favourite band of mine, their juxtaposition of melancholic lyrics with upbeat and cheery melodies are just brilliant. It’s bold and rosy; their story-like style is prominent in their ever on-going array of music.


    1. I Didn't See It Coming
    2. Come On Sister
    3. Calculating Bimbo
    4. I Want The World To Stop
    5. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (Feat. Norah Jones)
    6. Write About Love (Feat. Carey Mulligan)
    7. I'm Not Living In The Real World
    8. Ghost Of Rockschool
    9. Read The Blessed Pages
    10. I Can See Your Future
    11. Sunday's Pretty Icons

    Antony & The Johnsons


      While "I Am a Bird Now" is compelling in its vulnerability and "The Crying Light" is a masterpiece of austerity, "Swanlights" may be Antony’s most wide-rangingly emotional work to date. It is a record that is at moments heartbreakingly tender, and at other times has a joyful gleam to its teeth.

      Unlike previous work, which was often quite sparsely voiced, on "Swanlights" the vines in the garden are overgrown and the sound palette has become more exotic; strange percussive elements, John Cale-esque string drones, heavily distorted guitars and symphonic winds and strings thread the song cycle together.

      The album includes the song "Flétta", a duet with Björk.


      1. Everything Is New
      2. The Great White Ocean
      3. Ghost
      4. I’m In Love
      5. Violetta
      6. Swanlights
      7. The Spirit Was Gone
      8. Thank You For Your Love
      9. Flétta
      10. Salt Silver Oxygen
      11. Christina’s Farm

      Adam Green

      Minor Love

        Adam Green's sixth's studio album, recorded with long time producer / friend Noah Georgeson. Co-founder of influential anti-folk group The Moldy Peaches, Adam Green's unique vocal style has never been especially commercial. However, while "Minor Love" isn't exactly a 'Top40' style record, it is more accessible than his previous work. Green recorded almost all of the instruments himself, and the songs have simple arrangements, which highlight Green's vocals. "Minor Love" showcases a side of Green that is not often obvious in his public profile.  


        Exquisite Corpse

          This is their debut mini-album originally released on Manimal Records, now reissued in the UK on Rough Trade.

          Los Angeles' mystical Warpaint weave majestic, haiku-like guitars, hypnotic vocals, and driving post-punk rhythms into gorgeous, sprawling songs that skirt the line between the soundscapes of psychedelia / shoegaze, the haunting intimacy of folk, and rock's primal heaviness. At the core of the band are childhood friends Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman who both met bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg at a commercial casting audition in LA. The trio quickly traded in their headshots for guitars and the fertile, diverse LA music scene has been much better for it since. Expertly mixed by John Frusciante, the album successfully captures the band's sonic textures and playful dynamism Warpaint is notorious for creating live. Onstage, Warpaint's disarmingly authentic package can shake a room into a dance frenzy—while simultaneously holding it in a trance-like dreamworld.

          Jarvis Cocker

          Further Complications

            A new album from Sheffield's finest is always greeted with a great deal of excitement here at Piccadilly, and even more so this time around, as he teams up with the legendary Steve Albini for this new album. "Further Complications" is rockier than his earlier solo work and his work with Pulp, which is maybe explained by Albini's presence, although the record also contains a few soul numbers such as "Leftovers".

            Antony & The Johnsons

            The Crying Light

              "The Crying Light" is the third studio album by New York group Anthony and The Johnsons. Fronted by Anthony Hegarty, this record draws upon the themes of landscape and future. An intimate and moving record, this sees Anthony reach new artistic heights which will please fans and newcomers alike. Includes the tracks "Her Eyes Beneath The Ground" and "Another World". "The Crying Light" looks set for critical acclaim, following the reactions to the heart stoppingly beautiful "Another World EP" and breathtaking sold out Barbican performances with the LSO, that led The Guardian to exclaim that 'his legend is now assured'.Tracklisting1. Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground2. Epilepsy Is Dancing3. One Dove4. Kiss My Name5. Crying Light6. Another World7. Daylight And The Sun8. Aeon9. Dust And Water10. Everglade

              British Sea Power

              Do You Like Rock Music?

                Given that this album was produced by Howard Bilerman (drummer on Arcade Fire's "Funeral Album"), Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis), it's epic grandeur is really no surprise. With its layers of soaring guitar, thundering drums and chanting vocals comparisons to Arcade Fire are inevitable, particularly on tracks like "Waving Flags" and album opener "All In It". There is much more to this album though: although the big surging sound is pretty much full on, there's some lovely intricate instrumentation, lots of clever pace changes to keep you on your toes, and unlike pretty much every indie band around lately, they actually have a story to tell too. With "Do You Like Rock Music?", they've finally fulfilled the promise shown on their previous albums. Already an album of the year contender!

                The Libertines

                Time For Heroes

                  Bringing together the tracks that defined a generation, from their epochal debut "Up The Bracket" and feted, self-titled follow-up, "Time For Heroes" is a timely reminder of the unique talent of Albion's favourite sons Pete Doherty, Carl Barât, John Hasall and Gary Powell.
                  The album also includes ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ and ‘What A Waster’, which have never previously been available on either of the band’s albums.

                  The collection includes the classic singles ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’, ‘Time For Heroes’, fan picks ‘What A Waster’, ‘Boys In The Band’ and live favourites / B-sides ‘The Delaney’ and ‘May Day’.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Up The Bracket
                  Time For Heroes
                  Don't Look Back Into The Sun
                  Tell The King
                  What Katie Did
                  Can't Stand Me Now
                  What A Waster
                  The Delaney
                  Boys In The Band
                  Death On The Stairs (Re-Recorded)
                  I Get Along
                  What Became Of The Likely Lads

                  Gruff Rhys


                    "Candylion" is the new solo album from Gruff Rhys. It follows the single of the same name and is a mesmerising musical journey with one of our most talented singers and songwriters. It seems fitting therefore that insight into the workings behind the album come straight from the man himself. '"Candylion" took form in the spring of 2006 over a fragmented two week period at Gorwel Owen's Ofn studio in Llanfaelog, Wales. My ears were happily ringing from a few months touring with the Super Furry Animals and I had a batch of mellower acoustic songs I wanted to record quickly and get out of the way before the next speaker-blowing SFA record. Once in the studio however I got carried away and found myself in a nostalgic mood, pining for some of the music I grew up listening to.'

                    Belle And Sebastian

                    The Life Pursuit

                      Seven albums in and Belle and Sebastian have just made the best record of their career. Produced by Tony Hoffer this album feels both familiar and strange at the same time. There is a powerful aesthetic at the heart of the "The Life Pursuit" that places it at some time in the early-to-middle Seventies without ever specifically sounding like anything you can put your finger on. Belle And Sebastian pull in stuff from all over the place, so that Sly & the Family Stone/Funkadelic inflections ("Song For Sunshine") sits side by side with the classic Bubblegum riffs and call-and-response vocals of "White Collar Boy" (another sure-fire stomping single); the "Queen Bitch"-era Bowie stylings of "Sukie In the Graveyard"; the glammy T-Rex of "The Blues Are Still Blue"; the prime-time miserablism of a Terry Hall "Mornington Crescent" and the irrepressible rousing piano drive of "The Price Of A Cup Of Tea". All formats come beautifully packaged.


                      Down In Albion

                        Following a triumphant and eventful UK tour Rough Trade are proud to announce the release of the most anticipated album of the year: Babyshambles' debut album "Down In Albion". It includes the band's top five hit "Fuck Forever" and a new recording of their first "Killamangiro". The sixteen-track album was produced by Mick Jones and mixed by Mick Jones and Bill Price. There is a vinyl due for release later in the year - it's going to be a strictly limited double with the fourth side etched!

                        British Sea Power

                        Open Season

                          Their first album did really well, as a word-of-mouth thing, and back then BSP stood alone in the old-school indie quirky art-pop stakes. They were a refreshing leftward turn. Now everyone's at it, but the good news is that this second album is a huge step on from their debut. It has a controlled, powerful splendour which recalls the dark, melodic wonder of Joy Division and features less of the jerky wackiness of old. This is a beautiful record and whilst the words 'epic' and 'soaring' aren't usually associated with leftfield pop, BSP manage to be both those things. But they do it cleverly, with grace and good taste. This will be a contender for Album Of The Year.

                          Antony & The Johnsons

                          I Am A Bird Now

                            "I Am A Bird Now" is the second full-length from this extraordinary New York artist Antony and his cohorts the Johnsons. The album features contributions from both Antony's peers (Rufus Wainwright, Devendra Banhart) and heroes (Lou Reed, Boy George). Their involvement reflects both their admiration for Antony, and his unique place in the contemporary arts community.

                            The Libertines

                            The Libertines

                              I'd normally say 'ignore the hype, just listen to the music' but with this band you simply can't. Their story is everywhere. And it informs nearly every lyric, every slash of guitar, on this, their excellent second album. God knows who plays bass and drums on Libertines' records because this is the Pete And Carl Show, through and through. Love, betrayal, spirit, dreams and passion are set to their usual musical blend of The Jam and The Clash. Mick Jones produces again but this time the songs are better, the sound much bigger than on their debut. And that's all you need to know; that's where we came in; accept the hype, enjoy the music. It's great.

                              The Libertines

                              Up The Bracket

                                Chancers? They'd take it as a compliment. But you don't get the Clash's Mick Jones to produce you if that's all you are. There's a real heart beating here. A rough energetic garage band fronted by two proper characters. A bit like the Strokes but mostly like the Jam. They've got the spirit of the new wave (that's 1979 mate!) and in "Time For Heroes" and "Up The Bracket" the tunes to match.

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