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Ry Cooder

Paris Texas - Original Soundtrack

Legendary guitarist Ry Cooder has been performing for over 40 years as a solo artist, soundtrack composer and session musician. He has collaborated with some of the world’s elite including Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Neil Young and The Rolling Stones, where he guested on their classic albums ‘Let It Bleed’ and ‘Sticky Fingers.’ Ry Cooder’s distinctive score to the 1984 Cannes Film Festival winner ‘Paris Texas’ is very suggestive of the film’s imagery and the desert itself. The title track is Ry Cooder’s most recognisable/popular song that sets the tone for a soundtrack filled with evocative and ringing acoustic guitar.


Darryl says: A hugely evocative and beautiful soundtrack from the legendary Ry Cooder. Stark and meditative acoustic slide guitars - you can almost taste the desert heat.


Paris, Texas
Nothing Out There
Canción Mixteca
No Safety Zone
Houston In Two Seconds
She’s Leaving The Bank
On The Couch
I Knew These People
Dark Was The Night

Mystery Artists

SXS - Mystery


    Otis Redding

    Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul

      One of the most influential soul singers of the 1960s, Otis Redding exemplified to many listeners the power of Southern "deep soul" – hoarse, gritty vocals, brassy arrangements, and an emotional way with both party tunes and aching ballads. At the time of his tragic death at the age of 26, Redding was on the verge of breaking through to a wide pop audience (which he would indeed do with his posthumous number one single "[Sittin' On] The Dock of the Bay"). He was also tremendously respected by many white groups, particularly the Rolling Stones, who covered Redding's "Pain in My Heart." (via


      Side 1
      1. Ole Man Trouble
      2. Respect
      3. Change Gonna Come
      4. Down In The Valley
      5. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

      Side 2
      1. Shake
      2. My Girl
      3. Wonderful World
      4. Rock Me Baby
      5. Satisfaction
      6. You Don’t Miss Your Water

      The Replacements

      Let It Be - Vinyl Edition

        Rhino retraces the shambolic swath the influential Minneapolis quartet cut across the American Underground, reissuing vinyl editions of the band's Twin/Tone releases.

        Released in 1984, the 33-minute masterpiece was recently named the #3 'Greatest Indie-Rock Album Ever' by Blender Magazine. The album presents some of the band's strongest songs, including the album opener "I Will Dare", "Androgynous", "Sixteen Blue" and the poignant "Unsatisfied". The five unreleased bonus tracks include a home demo for "Answering Machine", a cover of The Grass Roots' "Temptation Eyes" and an alternate "Sixteen Blue". 


        Night Thoughts

          Night Thoughts, is Suede's second album since their comeback in 2010 and it's a proper, adult -themed almost-concept album where tracks drift into one another, delicate minimalism holds sway and Brett Anderson sings pretty gloomy songs of regret, decay and longing. It is produced by long-time collaborator Ed Buller and whilst for the most part the sound is neat and considered the record also features a full string section which adds a tasteful grandiosity to  a record that feels like the endgame or at least answer to those early glammy dramas  which typified the band's explosion onto the UK music scene all those years ago. As such, it is a triumph.


          Martin says: Excellent consolidation of Brett'n'co's dignified comeback. The group has re-connected with it's audience and continued their story in a pretty cool and tasteful way.

          The Velvet Underground


            "After The Velvet Underground cut three albums for the jazz-oriented Verve label that earned them lots of notoriety but negligible sales, the group signed with industry powerhouse Atlantic Records in 1970; label head Ahmet Ertegun supposedly asked Lou Reed to avoid sex and drugs in his songs, and instead focus on making an album "loaded with hits." Loaded was the result, and with appropriate irony it turned out to be the first VU album that made any noticeable impact on commercial radio -- and also their swan song, with Reed leaving the group shortly before its release. With John Cale long gone from the band, Doug Yule highly prominent (he sings lead on four of the ten tracks), and Maureen Tucker absent on maternity leave, this is hardly a purist's Velvet Underground album. But while Lou Reed always wrote great rock & roll songs with killer hooks, on Loaded his tunes were at last given a polished but intelligent production that made them sound like the hits they should have been, and there's no arguing that "Sweet Jane" and "Rock and Roll" are as joyously anthemic as anything he's ever recorded. And if this release generally maintains a tight focus on the sunny side of the VU's personality (or would that be Reed's personality?), "New Age" and "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" prove he had hardly abandoned his contemplative side, and "Train Around the Bend" is a subtle but revealing metaphor for his weariness with the music business. " - All Music.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Who Loves The Sun
            2. Sweet Jane
            3. Rock & Roll
            4. Cool It Down
            5. New Age
            6. Head Held High
            7. Lonesome Cowboy Bill
            8. I Found A Reason
            9. Train Round The Bend
            10. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

            CD Bonus Tracks - Session Outtakes:
            11. I'm Sticking With You
            12. Ocean
            13. I Love You
            14. Ride Into The Sun

            New Order

            Republic - 2015 Remastered Version

              If you aren't familiar with this album's first single, then you must not have been listening to the radio in the summer of 1993, because "Regret" was virtually everywhere at the time, hitting #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock and Hot Dance Music / Club Play charts, #7 on the Top 40 Mainstream chart, and even provided the band with a top-30 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Other key tracks on the album included "Ruined in a Day," "World," and "Spooky," each of which made it into the top 30 of at least one Billboard chart. Given that it was New Order's first album in four years at the time of its release, it's probably fair to call it a comeback, and a successful one at that.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A: 
              Ruined In A Day 
              Spooky (Minimix) 
              Everyone Everywhere

              Side B:
              Young Offender 
              Times Change 
              Special Avalanche 

              Led Zeppelin

              Coda - Standard Remastered Edition

                The appropriately titled Coda was Led Zeppelin’s final album of studio recordings. Released in 1982, it was comprised of eight unreleased tracks recorded between 1970 and 1978. It peaked at #6 on the album charts and has been certified platinum in the U.S. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Andy says: Something old, something new, and then there's "Bonzo's Montreaux" which is a John Bonham drum piece (with extra electronics by Jimmy Page) that is the only drum solo ever worth hearing!

                TRACK LISTING

                1. “We’re Gonna Groove”
                2. “Poor Tom”
                3. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
                4. “Walter’s Walk”
                5. “Ozone Baby”
                6. “Darlene”
                7. “Bonzo’s Montreux”
                8. “Wearing And Tearing”

                Joy Division

                Substance - 2010 Remaster Edition

                  Joy Division compilation ‘Substance’, first released in 1988 fills in the missing pieces of the band’s history with four non-album singles (‘Transmission’, ‘Komakino’, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ and ‘Atmosphere’), plus their B-sides.

                  LP Edition
                  This new heavyweight double vinyl edition features audio remastered in 2010 for the +- singles box and for the first time on vinyl, the expanded tracklist from the original CD release, plus two additional songs: “As You Said” and the Pennine version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” 

                  CD Edition
                  This new CD edition features audio remastered in 2010 for the +- singles box. The tracklist matches the expanded original CD release, plus two additional songs: “As You Said” and the Pennine version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1 Warsaw
                  A2 Leaders Of Men
                  A3 Digital
                  A4 Autosuggestion
                  A5 Transmission
                  B1 She’s Lost Control
                  B2 Incubation
                  B3 Dead Souls
                  B4 Atmosphere
                  B5 Love Will Tear Us Apart
                  C1 No Love Lost
                  C2 Failures
                  C3 Glass
                  C4 From Safety To Where
                  D1 Novelty
                  D2 Komakino
                  D4 As You Said
                  D3 These Days
                  D5 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine Version)

                  Led Zeppelin

                  Presence - Deluxe Remastered Edition

                    Originally released in 1976, Presence was recorded during a whirlwind 18-day session at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. The album—which peaked at #1 in both the U.S. and UK and was certified triple platinum—crackles with energy on Zeppelin classics like “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” and “Achilles Last Stand” and delivers powerful jolts of the group at its visceral best.

                    This deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin’s Presence newly remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page is accompanied by companion audio comprised of previously unreleased music related to the original release selected and compiled by Page. The companion audio disc that accompanies Presence has five unreleased reference mixes from the sessions, which reveal works in progress. Along with alternate incarnations of “For Your Life” “Achilles Last Stand” and “Royal Orleans,” there is also the previously unheard instrumental curiously titled “10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod).” 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Andy says: A previously unreleased instrumental is the draw for Zep completists on this deluxe version of their last truly great LP.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Original Album
                    1. “Achilles Last Stand”
                    2. “For Your Life”
                    3. “Royal Orleans”
                    4. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”
                    5. “Candy Store Rock”
                    6. “Hots On For Nowhere”
                    7. “Tea For One”

                    Companion Audio
                    1. “Two Ones Are Won” (Achilles Last Stand – Reference Mix)
                    2. “For Your Life” (Reference Mix)
                    3. “10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod)”(Reference Mix)
                    4. “Royal Orleans” (Reference Mix)
                    5. “Hots On For Nowhere” (Reference Mix)

                    Led Zeppelin

                    Coda - Deluxe Remastered Edition

                      Deluxe edition of Coda newly remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and accompanied by companion audio comprised of previously unreleased music related to the original release selected and compiled by Page. The appropriately titled Coda was Led Zeppelin’s final album of studio recordings. Released in 1982, it was comprised of eight unreleased tracks recorded between 1970 and 1978. It peaked at #6 on the album charts and has been certified platinum in the U.S.

                      Coda is the only Led Zeppelin deluxe edition to include two companion discs, featuring 15 tracks recorded between 1968 and 1974. The oldest song in the collection is also perhaps the most interesting. The frenetic blues jam “Sugar Mama” was recorded in 1968 at Olympic Studios during sessions for the band’s eponymous debut. The song was completed but never officially released until now. “Baby Come On Home” from the same session is also included in the set. Also included is the previously unreleased “St. Tristan’s Sword,” a rollicking instrumental recorded during the Led Zeppelin III sessions in 1970. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Andy says: Who'd have thought that Leppelin's least alluring album of the day, would end up being the most interesting release in this deluxe/remastered series. Includes the hallowed Indian version of "Friends". For proper fans: essential.

                      Joy Division

                      Closer - 2007 Remaster Vinyl Edition

                        Joy Division's second album came out a year after their debut, and many consider it an even greater achievement. Whilst still messed-up, depressed and turbulent, there's a less violent and more resigned vibe here. A majestic gloom prevails and whilst the old side one would feature their trademark, twisted, scariness, a glacial, detached beauty sees the last four songs take Joy Division into the realm of the gods. These are brooding soundscapes with keyboards to the fore (the whole album has less guitars) and heartbreaking melodies. In this seamless run of four unbelievable tracks, the sorrow and emptiness is so real, so powerful, that nothing in popular music has since surpassed it. They were growing as writers and their sound had evolved. Two of the most stunning albums in the history of pop and only a year apart. A whole slew of imitators were waiting in the wings, and Joy Division were set to take on the world. We all know what happened next.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Atrocity Exhibition 
                        2. Isolation 
                        3. Passover 
                        4. Colony 
                        5. A Means To An End 
                        6. Heart And Soul 
                        7. Twenty Four Hours 
                        8. The Eternal
                        9. Decades 

                        Joy Division

                        Unknown Pleasures - 2007 Remaster Edition

                          It's difficult to describe the jaw-dropping astonishment that came with the release of this, Joy Division's debut album, in 1979. That four Mancunian punks could create a work of such power, splendour and originality that would change pop music forever, well, a whole new genre had to be invented for them. This had the honesty and passion of punk, but this was arty, angular, literary and unique; this was definitely post-punk, but the massive impact of this record saw Joy Division quickly transcend any pigeon-holing. With singer Ian Curtis documenting fear and alienation, and the band conjuring powerful, brooding rock that featured bass as a lead instrument, dischordant guitar and churning drums and percussion, an emotive group was turned into one of the greatest of all time by Martin Hannett's beautiful production. This is bleak, heavy music, but it's also incredibly exhilarating. In Curtis's words and monotone vocals there's doom and drama, but you could never say this was an act; this is pure, naked emotion captured on tape. There's an intensity here that still shocks.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Disorder
                          2. Day Of The Lords
                          3. Candidate
                          4. Insight
                          5. New Dawn Fades
                          6. She's Lost Control
                          7. Shadowplay
                          8. Wilderness
                          9. Interzone
                          10. I Remember Nothing


                          Blade Runner - UK Edition

                            The Blade Runner soundtrack was composed by Vangelis for Ridley Scott's 1982 film considered one of the finest sci-fi movies ever made. It is mostly a dark, melodic combination of classical compositions and synthesizers which mirrors the futuristic film noir envisioned by Scott. The soundtrack holds legendary status and at the time was well-received by fans and critics including Best Original Score nominations for a BAFTA and Golden Globe yet, except for a few cuts, it was not released until 1994.

                            The movie remains a classic film with a long list of popular movie stars including Harrison Ford, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, and Edward James Olmos most of whom appear on this record in movie dialog samples mixed into the 12 tracks of nearly one hour of music. Vangelis makes each track flow into one another. The soundtrack features vocal contributions from Demis Roussos and the sax solo by Dick Morrissey on "Love Theme." 

                            Fleetwood Mac

                            Then Play On

                              Released in September 1969 Then Play On was the band’s third studio album and their first release with Reprise Records. It was the first to feature Danny Kirwan and would become their last with Peter Green. 140g single vinyl, gatefold.

                              The Special AKA

                              In The Studio (2CD Special Edition)

                                Special Edition 2CD sets of three exceptional, ground breaking albums by one of the most important British bands ever, The Specials.

                                These reissues have been approved by founding member Jerry Dammers and include previously unreleased concert audio, non-album singles, EPs and B-sides, as well as extensive new sleeve notes and previously unseen photos.

                                The Eagles

                                Hotel California

                                  Following on from the “Eagles - The Studio Albums 1972 – 1979” vinyl box set released last October, the six albums are now being released individually. Each LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and replicates the original album packaging (which means that “Eagles” is reissued as the band originally intended. “Hotel California” includes a replica of the poster from the original issue with band photos by Norman Seeff in full colour.

                                  The Eagles

                                  One Of These Nights

                                    Following on from the “Eagles - The Studio Albums 1972 – 1979” vinyl box set released last October, the six albums are now being released individually. Each LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and replicates the original album packaging (which means that “Eagles” is reissued as the band originally intended.

                                    The Eagles


                                      Following on from the “Eagles - The Studio Albums 1972 – 1979” vinyl box set released last October, the six albums are now being released individually. Each LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and replicates the original album packaging, which means that “Eagles” is reissued as the band originally intended, with no glue flaps, so the cover folds out into a poster.

                                      Donny Hathaway

                                      Extension Of A Man

                                        Ranging from inner-city soul to orchestral grandeur to a bluesy ballad to easy-listening pleasantries, 'Extension Of A Man' was Donny Hathaway's most ambitious LP, the justly titled capstone to his phenomenal career. Coming, however, from one of soul music's most widely talented figures, this wasn't exactly a surprise; both of his previous studio full-lengths, 'Everything Is Everything' and 'Donny Hathaway', treated soul as merely a starting point to express his multitude of ideas concerning music and arrangement, song and performance. First up is six-minute orchestral piece "I Love the Lord; He Heard My Cry, Pts. 1-2." Arranged and orchestrated for 45 musicians by Hathaway himself, it applied the buoyant optimism of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" to a religious context, and segued smoothly into the transcendent "Someday We'll All Be Free," one of Hathaway's most beloved songs. Elsewhere we get chart hits "Love, Love, Love" and "Come Little Children".

                                        Syd Barrett

                                        The Madcap Laughs - 180 Gram Vinyl Edition

                                          ‘The Madcap Laughs’ is the debut solo album by the English singer-songwriter recorded after Barrett had left Pink Floyd. He only made one full album and a couple of amazing singles with The Floyd, then two solo LP's of which this is the first.  It is a LOT looser than his previous work but still with that unique child-like sense of wonder and a lovely way with a melody.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Andy says: Pure expression. A unique vision, slowly unravelling.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Side One:
                                          1. "Terrapin"
                                          2. "No Good Trying"
                                          3. "Love You"
                                          4. "No Man's Land"
                                          5. "Dark Globe"
                                          6. "Here I Go"

                                          Side Two:
                                          1. "Octopus"
                                          2. "Golden Hair"
                                          3. "Long Gone"
                                          4. "She Took A Long Cool Look At Me"
                                          5. "Feel"
                                          6. "If It's In You"
                                          7. "Late Night"

                                          Syd Barrett

                                          Barrett - 180 Gram Vinyl Edition

                                            On ‘Barrett’, Syd's second solo album, he was joined by Pink Floyd members Rick Wright and David Gilmour. Gilmour and Wright also acted as producers. Syd needed this help as things were getting a touch more fractured for him  and obviously you can hear this in the music.  It is still  a great  record though, from a trailblazing, unique talent.

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Andy says: Whimsy, melody and magic. Last outing from a legend.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            Side One:
                                            1. "Baby Lemonade"
                                            2. "Love Song"
                                            3. "Dominoes"
                                            4. "It Is Obvious"
                                            5. "Rats"
                                            6. "Maisie"

                                            Side Two:
                                            1. "Gigolo Aunt"
                                            2. "Waving My Arms In The Air"
                                            3. "I Never Lied To You"
                                            4. "Wined And Dined"
                                            5. "Wolfpack"
                                            6. "Effervescing Elephant"

                                            Fleetwood Mac

                                            Rumours - 36th Anniversary Vinyl Edition

                                              Rhino is commemorating the 36th anniversary of one of the greatest and best-selling albums of all time: Rumours. This iconic 1977 Fleetwood Mac album has been bought over 40 million times globally, despite being recorded through hedonism, scandal and relationship break-ups within the band. The album, according to music journalist Stephen Thomas Erlewine, “transcends its origins and reputation, entering the realm of legend”. 


                                              Kick Out The Jams - 180g Vinyl Version

                                                The incendiary Detroit quintet MC5 (the MC stood for ‘Motor City’) burned briefly but brightly at rock’s cutting edge in the late 60s & early 70s, building a reputation of high energy, high volume performances. ‘Kick Out the Jams’ was their debut album released in 1969 through Elektra Records & recorded live over two nights at their home venue Detroit’s Grande Ballroom.

                                                MC5 were seen as being a hugely influential force on punk music and in the words of Rob Tyner (lead singer), MC5, “were Punk, before Punk...New Wave, before New Wave...Metal, before Metal... even ‘M.C’ before Hammer.”

                                                180 gram heavyweight audiophile vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve. Cut from analogue masters. Original artwork.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Side A
                                                1 Intro/Ramblin' Rose
                                                2 Intro 2/ Kick Out The Jams
                                                3 Come Together
                                                4 Talk/Rocket Reducer 62
                                                Side B
                                                1 Borderline
                                                2 Motor City Is Burning
                                                3 I Want You Right Now
                                                4 Starship


                                                Marquee Moon - 180g Vinyl Edition

                                                  Television were part of the late ‘70s punk nucleus that put New York’s CBGB club on the map. Driven by Tom Verlaine’s raw-nerve song-writing and both his and Richard Lloyd’s guitar playing - dual strands of slashing hooks and cathartic riffs - their music is spare yet structurally complex, artistic yet unpretentious. Among rock’s true innovators, Television put a new face on punk and influenced everything from New Wave to jam-rock.

                                                  ‘Marquee Moon’ is widely considered as one of rock’s great debuts and 2012 sees its 35th anniversary of influencing and leading the way for many bands to come.

                                                  180 gram heavyweight audiophile vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve. Cut from analogue masters. Original artwork.

                                                  Joy Division / New Order

                                                  Total: From Joy Division To New Order

                                                    Despite an incredibly short recording career Joy Division remarkably have stood the test of time in terms of influential British bands. Their dark, brooding sound has inspired more artists than could be listed and their continued adoration today is testament to the forward thinking yet inward projected music and lyricism of a young band on the brink of success yet unsure of how to deal with it. With the sad passing of Ian Curtis, from the ashes rose New Order; the same core band but with a new fresh approach to their chosen career path. Loud, colourful and full of life.

                                                    ‘Total’ is a chronological look at the two bands most important tracks, covering Joy Division staples such as 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', and the resonating 'Atmosphere'. New Order bring to the table 'Blue Monday', 'Bizarre Love Triangle' and 'True Faith'. Also included is a brand new never released New Order track ‘Hellbent’.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Side One
                                                    Love Will Tear Us Apart
                                                    She’s Lost Control

                                                    Side Two
                                                    Blue Monday

                                                    Side Three
                                                    Thieves Like Us
                                                    The Perfect Kiss
                                                    Bizarre Love Triangle
                                                    True Faith
                                                    Fine Time

                                                    Side Four
                                                    World In Motion

                                                    LCD Soundsystem

                                                    This Is Happening

                                                      The drip-feed of LCD anticipation ("Bye Bye Bayou", "Pow Pow") is over and "This Is Happening" has finally arrived. A natural extension to previous long player “Sound Of Silver”, this new set contains everything we love about LCD (shouty indie-disco, killer pop hooks, James Murphy's witty musings, big fat electronic noises, proper sing-along anthems and hummable tunes), and is the perfect circle closer on the outfit's trilogy of albums. And if "This Is Happening" is "Sound Of Silver Part 2" (in the best possible way), it is also packed with influences and inspirations from the golden era of music - the late 70s and early 80s (well, that's my golden era anyway!). Murphy's subliminal magpie-like tendencies seep through as Berlin era Bowie and Iggy ("Drunk Girls" and "All I Want" bear more than a passing resemblance to "Boys Keep Swinging" and "Heroes", while "Somebody's Calling Me" hints at "Night Clubbing"), Eno circa "Here Come The Warm Jets", Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra electronics (check that motorik chug on "I Can Change"), disco and classic US new wave radio bands (all skinny ties and drainpipe jeans) all get fed into the LCD song machine. But while other bands might turn out poor one-dimensional pastiches of the music they love, no matter who or what LCD Soundsystem reference, the resulting songs could be by no-one else but themselves. As everyone knows, all the best bands quit while they're still ahead, and as an album that calls time on the LCD Soundsystem idea, "This Is Happening" bows out on a high. As if it was going to do anything else?!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Dance Yrself Clean
                                                      2. Drunk Girls
                                                      3. One Touch
                                                      4. All I Want
                                                      5. I Can Change
                                                      6. You Wanted A Hit
                                                      7. Pow Pow
                                                      8. Somebody's Calling Me
                                                      9. Home

                                                      The Doors

                                                      Morrison Hotel

                                                        Released in 1970 in the wake of Morrison's infamous indecency bust, Morrison Hotel introduced "Waiting For The Sun," "Roadhouse Blues," and "Ship Of Fools."

                                                        This vinyl reissue on 180-gram HQ virgin vinyl presents the original stereo mixes, artwork and inner sleeves.

                                                        The laquers were cut at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA under the direct supervision of original Doors producer/engineer Bruce Botnick and Electra Records founder Jac Holzman.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Side A
                                                        1 Roadhouse Blues
                                                        2 Waiting For The Sun
                                                        3 You Make Me Real
                                                        4 Peace Frog
                                                        5 Blue Sunday
                                                        6 Ship Of Fools
                                                        Side B
                                                        1 Land Ho!
                                                        2 The Spy
                                                        3 Queen Of The Highway
                                                        4 Indian Summer
                                                        5 Maggie M’Gill

                                                        New Order


                                                          The year was 1989 and whilst Acid House exploded around them, New Order went international with their poppiest, most expertly blended album yet. Apart from the bizarre but exciting opener, this was a seamless sequence of stunning songs which made their dark, dislocated early years but a distant memory. Something was lost in that journey though, and it was no surprise that this was New Order's last record for Factory Records.

                                                          New Order


                                                            On this record New Order took the solid songwriting of "Lowlife" and made a sort of sister album. The rocking songs were heavier and the electronic ones even more beautiful. They were mostly split into what used to be the old Side 1 and Side 2, with the career highlight "Bizarre Love Triangle" opening the latter. This, "All Day Long" and "Angel Dust" make a gorgeous run of sweeping electronic pop songs that pointed the way to the slick majesty of "Technique" which was to follow.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1 Paradise
                                                            A2 Weirdo
                                                            A3 As It Is When It Was
                                                            A4 Broken Promise
                                                            A5 Way Of Life
                                                            B1 Bizarre Love Triangle
                                                            B2 All Day Long
                                                            B3 Angel Dust
                                                            B4 Every Little Counts

                                                            New Order


                                                              This, their debut, inevitably finds the band heavily in the shadow of Joy Division, with moody, broody pieces bigger on vibe than actual songcraft. One exception is awesome opener "Dreams Never End". I'm being entirely serious when I say that "Ceremony", "Temptation" and "Everything's Gone Green" are three of the best songs ever witten and they shone a light in the darkness of those early New Order years.

                                                              New Order

                                                              Power, Corruption & Lies

                                                                This is the album which spawned "Blue Monday"(needless to say these arty buggers didn't include it on the record) and features spacious, electronic pieces amidst two stone classics. "Age Of Consent" with its propulsive Hook bassline and V.U. slashing Bernard outro (which would become a trademark) and the beautiful "Your Silent Face" were still included on the band's final tour. 

                                                                With this record, New Order properly arrived as a band that could make a consistent, coherent album. Great, tuneful songs (three of which are deliciously poppy) no filler, and a big, full sound that perfectly blended the electronic with the organic, made this their best album so far. There was only one non-album single this time, (the rather weak "Shellshock") and in-fact two songs were actually (the shock! the horror! Sell out! Sell out!) lifted from the album as singles. But fear not, the remixed, extended versions of "The Perfect Kiss" and "Subculture" are so unbelievably good that I think New Order were forgiven!

                                                                Neil Young

                                                                Harvest - Remastered

                                                                Recognised as one of Young's (and hence one of rock & roll's) finest albums, "Harvest" put the singer on the mainstream map with the mega-hit "Heart of Gold", which defined a soft folk-rock style frequently revisited by lesser artists throughout the 1970s. It also features some of his darker compositions, like the entropy-obsessed "Old Man" and the junkie eulogy, "The Needle and the Damage Done", one of Young's most haunting and compelling songs. Deceptively laid-back-sounding country-rock plaints like "Out On The Weekend" and the title cut caress the ear unassumingly, pulling you into the more ominous subtext that is present even in the rollicking "Are You Ready For The Country". As always, Young has an ear for contrasts, laying down heavy rock ("Alabama") beside his balladry, and even employing the London Symphony Orchestra on the excellent confessional "A Man Needs A Maid". Due to back troubles, Young recorded much of this material while wearing a brace, a fact that seems audible in the tension and unease that underlies the friendly, acoustic surface of this superb release.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1. Out On The Weekend
                                                                2. Harvest
                                                                3. A Man Needs A Maid
                                                                4. Heart Of Gold
                                                                5. Are You Ready For The Country?
                                                                6. Old Man
                                                                7. There's A World
                                                                8. Alabama
                                                                9. The Needle And The Damage Done
                                                                10. Words (Between The Lines Of Age)

                                                                Neil Young With Crazy Horse

                                                                Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere - Remastered

                                                                  Neil Young's second album yielded several of his most enduring hits (including the title tune, "Cowgirl In The Sand," "Cinnamon Girl," and "Down By The River") and firmly established him as a solo artist of the first rank. Though it's impossible to narrow the catalogue of Young and Crazy Horse down to one representative document, this is about as close as you're likely to get. This was Young's first collaboration with the Horse, and it's still one of that group's defining recorded moments. As in much of Young's subsequent work, the feeling of despair moves unabated through the album, which runs the emotional gamut from laconically desperate to psychotically desperate. Despite the gloom, the heavy electric riffing on "Cinnamon Girl" and "Cowgirl In the Sand" -two surrealistic odes to an idealized muse - is cathartic and invigorating, easily as riveting as the guitar onslaught of anyone from the Stooges to the Velvet Underground. Young's rootsy, acoustic side comes to the fore on "Round & Round" and "Running Dry". The homespun quality of these songs doesn't leaven the consuming sense of dread that permeates this album, though. Strangely, this expression of angst and emotional disorder became one of Young's most lastingly popular albums, and "Down By The River", "Cinnamon Girl" and "Cowgirl In The Sand" quickly turned into FM staples.

                                                                  1. Cinnamon Girl
                                                                  2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
                                                                  3. Round & Round (It Won't Be Long)
                                                                  4. Down By The River
                                                                  5. The Losing End (When You're On)
                                                                  6. Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets)
                                                                  7. Cowgirl In The Sand

                                                                  The Smiths were the definitive British independent band of the eighties, releasing a remarkable series of singles and albums between 1983 and 1987 that were both commercially and critically successful and which laid down a marker for guitar pop-rock that remains unsurpassed. Disc 1 of "The Sound Of The Smiths" comprises 23 tracks and presents all the Smiths' single releases, reinstating singles that were scheduled though eventually unreleased ("Still Ill" and "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby") plus European only singles such as "Barbarism Begins At Home" and "The Headmaster Ritual". The core of disc one, however, is that matchless run of singles from their first Rough Trade 7" single "Hand In Glove" through to "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me". The second disc features a further 22 tracks including rare B-sides, tracks that were exclusive to 12" releases and selected live recordings. Among the rarities are the Troy Tate produced "Pretty Girls Make Graves" and "What's The World", a cover of a track from the fellow Manchester band James, recorded live at Barrowlands, Glasgow.

                                                                  1 Hand In Glove
                                                                  2 This Charming Man
                                                                  3 What Difference Does It Make? (BBC Peel Session Version)
                                                                  4 Still Ill
                                                                  5 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
                                                                  6 William It Was Really Nothing
                                                                  7 How Soon Is Now?
                                                                  8 Nowhere Fast
                                                                  9 Shakespeare's Sister
                                                                  10 Barbarism Begins At Home (7" Version)
                                                                  11 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
                                                                  12 The Headmaster Ritual
                                                                  13 The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
                                                                  14 Bigmouth Strikes Again
                                                                  15 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
                                                                  16 Panic
                                                                  17 Ask
                                                                  18 You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby (World Won't Listen Version)
                                                                  19 Shoplifters Of The World Unite
                                                                  20 Sheila Take A Bow
                                                                  21 Girlfriend in A Coma
                                                                  22 I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
                                                                  23 Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

                                                                  1 Jeane
                                                                  2 Handsome Devil (Live at Manchester Hacienda 04/02/83)
                                                                  3 This Charming Man (New York Vocal),
                                                                  4 Wonderful Woman
                                                                  5 Back To The Old House
                                                                  6 These Things Take Time
                                                                  7 Girl Afraid,
                                                                  8 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
                                                                  9 Stretch Out And Wait
                                                                  10 Oscillate Wildly (Instrumental)
                                                                  11 Meat Is Murder (Live at Oxford Apollo 18/03/85)
                                                                  12 Asleep
                                                                  13 Money Changes Everything
                                                                  14 The Queen Is Dead,
                                                                  15 Vicar In A Tutu
                                                                  16 Cemetery Gates
                                                                  17 Half A Person
                                                                  18 Sweet And Tender Hooligan
                                                                  19 Pretty Girls Make Graves (Troy Tate Version)
                                                                  20 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
                                                                  21 What's The World? (Live at Barrowlands Glasgow 25/09/85)
                                                                  22 London (Live at National Ballroom Kilburn London 23/10/86)

                                                                  Josh Rouse

                                                                  The Best Of The Rykodisc Years

                                                                  First-ever compilation from this acclaimed singer-songwriter, spanning seven years and featuring 32 songs on two CDs - favourites, rarities and unreleased gems. Nebraska-born Josh Rouse started out on Rykodisc where he released five albums and two EPs of literate and engaging guitar pop, which garnered him both critical raves and a devoted following. Now, a decade after his debut, "The Best Of The Rykodisc Years" collects together highlights from those Rykodisc albums as well as treasures from Josh's own personal vaults, including seven previously unreleased tracks, to produce over two hours of sublime music spanning 1998-2005. "The Best Of The Rykodisc Years" distils the essence of what Rouse calls his 'first stage'. Years and musical styles may separate these songs, but ultimately they are linked through the warmth of Rouse's voice, the conversational ease of his singing and his unfailing melodic gift. From the folk-rock of "Late Night Conversation" to the knowing country of "It's The Nighttime", from the smart pop of "Feeling No Pain" to the rhythmically sly white-boy soul of "Comeback (Light Therapy)" - each bears Rouse's unmistakable musical fingerprint.

                                                                  Joy Division

                                                                  The Best Of

                                                                    A collection of 14 tracks highlighting the band's career on disc one, while disc two, "The Peel Sessions" is a collection of the two John Peel sessions recorded by Joy Division in 1979, along with the Something Else versions of "Transmission" and "She's Lost Control" and an interview by Richard Skinner with Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris. Music doesn't get any better than this!!!



                                                                      Classic re-issue from 1986, their debut album didn't quite live up to the splendour of their Factory ep's, but it beats sounding like a poor-man's REM anyday! All quirky rhythms, beautiful words, and an originality that made them stick out from the crowd, this album still sounds fresh and full of intrigue. They were in it for the.....ART man!

                                                                      The Doors

                                                                      Morrison Hotel

                                                                        Released in 1970. This expanded remastered edition includes insightful liner notes from David Fricke and bonus tracks "Talking Blues", "Roadhouse Blues (11/4/69,1-3)", "Roadhouse Blues (11/4/69, Take 6)", "Carol (11/4/69)", "Roadhouse Blues (Take 1)", "Money Beats Soul (11/5/69)", "Roadhouse Blues (11/5/69, Takes 13-15)", "Peace Frog (False Starts & Dialogue)", "The Spy (Version 2)" and "Queen Of The Highway (Jazz Version)".

                                                                        Incredible String Band


                                                                          While it's true to say that when they came together in 1965 The Incredible String Band were, ostensibly, an acoustic folk group, even in these early days they mixed in elements of folk, blues, bluegrass and jazz, akin to an American style jug band, and very different from any other performers or groups on the folk scene in England and Scotland. By the time they released their two most rightly celebrated albums, "The 5000 Spirits" and "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" in 1967 and 1968 respectively, The Incredible String Band had come to embody the notion of the hippie ideal. They were extraordinary records, incorporating Indian and African traditions and effectively presenting 'World music' for the first time, some 25 years before the term was coined. Right now, as folk music goes through one of its regular revivals and has become hip once again under the umbrella of nu-folk, alt-folk or twisted folk, call it what you will, The Incredible String Band, now find themselves revered gurus of this new scene. Since the ISP began performing together again in 1999, they have been embraced by these younger musicians both here and in America and just last year flew the flag for the old guard at the Green Man Festival along side the likes of Bonnie Prince Billy, Espers and Joanna Newsom. It's a fitting time to present a new introduction to the Incredible String Band, here drawn from "The Elektra Years", a groundbreaking and exhilarating five year period from 66-71. The collection is a convenient starter pack. You'll hear nothing in the music of today to compare with the unique sound of the Incredible String Band.


                                                                          Greatest Hits

                                                                            Formed in Forest Hills, NY, in 1974, this quartet of quintessential punk forefathers blitzkrieged out of NYC's legendary CBGB scene and into world fame with three loud, lean, hard, and fast albums before the Sex Pistols even took their first shot. Besides basically inventing punk rock, Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy outlasted almost every one of their legions of followers, delivering their signature pop and garage-flavoured chainsaw sound for over 20 years, through a string of infamous albums and 2,263 concerts together. Spanning 1976-1995, this new collection features 20 classic tracks, including "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker," "Rockaway Beach," "Rock 'N' Roll High School," "I Wanna Be Sedated," "Pet Sematary," and "Blitzkrieg Bop."

                                                                            Son Volt

                                                                            A Retrospective 1995-2000

                                                                              A brief history: After touring in support of their 1993 masterpiece "Anodyne", the seminal alternative country band Uncle Tupelo split up over long-simmering creative differences between co-leaders Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy. Tweedy recruited much of the band to form Wilco, while Farrar teamed up with original Tupelo drummer Mike Heidorn to form Son Volt, the more tradition-minded of the two Tupelo offshoots. This excellent 20-track compilation features five unreleased tracks alongside album tracks, rarities and demos.

                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                              Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults

                                                                                Superb collection for the seeing in of spring. 24 tracks of American soft pop including Harpers Bizarre, Association, Music Machine, the Monkees and loads more. Special mention must be given to the packaging which is a gorgeous foldout digipack with a psychedelic colour wheel. Grooovy and essential!!


                                                                                Chicago II

                                                                                  Chicago's second album was another 70s monster seller for the band. Their mix of huge brassy riffs and big 'production' numbers really captured the public's imagination. These earlier albums are more overtly 'rock' than many of their later more ballad-led releases and this remastered edition with its bonus tracks has excellent booklet notes telling the band's story.



                                                                                    Their third double album in three years, "Chicago III" was another groundbreaking concept album from one of the USA's biggest selling bands of all time. The long playing time allowed them free reign on solos (three or four minute guitar solos were the norm) and this is regarded as one of their finest.

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