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Jeff Buckley


    Originally released in 1994, Jeff Buckley's solo debut "Grace" is now considered by many to be one of the best albums of the 90s. "Grace" displays a dazzling array of influences from an artist still developing his craft.

    The important thing about this LP is that it was Dylan's first record to feature solely his own compositions. It was his third album and came out in 1964. It dealt mainly with issues of social protest, and this was how he came to be defined in that early era. It all started to gel on this release. He was the kid that put poetry into rock'n'roll.


    LP Info: 180g vinyl!

    The Mooney Suzuki

    Alive And Amplified

    Having spent years perfecting their live shows through relentless touring, The Mooney Suzuki have proven themselves one of the most exciting bands around today. This studio album captures that live excitement and is the spirit of the MC5 distilled with 00s attitude, and it rocks!!!!!

    Leda Annest

    Portrait Of Leda

    Rare exotica album from 1958 on Columbia's 'Adventures In Sound' label by this monster abstract vocalist Leda Annest! Backed by orchestral and kitsch tiki music composed by Phil Moore, Annest uses her voice as an instrument in a strange and somewhat scary way. If you like Diamanda Galas or Yma Sumak, check this out!


    LP Info: Original sleeve artwork with hilariously pretentious sleeve notes!

    Jeff Buckley

    Live At Sin-e - Legacy Edition

    Columbia finally get around to giving the EP (long only available on import) the deluxe 'Legacy Edition' treatment. Expanding the original four tracks over a boggling two discs, this album was actually taken from a number of performances over a few months. Embryonic "Grace" originals sit alongside an array of covers that run the gamut of musical eclecticism; Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Led Zeppelin. One wonders how he managed to have such a wonderful voice, broad musical tastes and the ability to reinvent them so uniquely, AND to be able to do it all with just a voice and guitar. An essential testament to one of the most talented artists in the history of popular music.

    Jan Hammer

    The First Seven Days

    Artistically and influentially Jan Hammer's "The First Seven Days" had a major impact on its release in 1975. It was one of the first attempts to fully realize a fusion of electronic, pianistic and progressive styles into a singular vision. Hammer's work with the Mahavishnu Orchestra enabled him to build his own studio at home in rural New York state and this pastoral setting infuses much of "The First Seven Days" with an underlying calm over which Hammer multi-tracks his keyboard frenzies and unique artistic vision. International success with "Miami Vice" was a decade away but this work is an amazing example of his talent as performer and composer.

    Uncle Tupelo

    No Depression

    At long last a superb reissue from this massively influential band that featured Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy and Mike Heirdon.


    CD Info: Digitally remastered from the original tapes, with a booklet containing many unseen photos, memorablia and new liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke.

    Uncle Tupelo

    March 16-20, 1992

    At long last a superb reissue from this massively influential band that featured Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy and Mike Heirdon.


    CD Info: Digitally remastered from the original tapes, with a booklet containing many unseen photos, memorablia and new liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke.

    This "Essential" collection was being put together before Joe Strummer's death, so it shouldn't be seen as cash-in on the great man's passing away. Instead look at this as being one of the most essential statements by not only one of the leading lights of the punk movement but also one of the greatest bands ever!!!

    System Of A Down

    Steal This Album!

    "Steal This Album!" is SOAD's compilation of rarities, B-sides and out-takes. They're issuing it as System guitarist Daron Malakian says because of poor copies passing around over the internet. The difference in these new versions is crystal clear and the album stands up in its own right.


    CD Info: Limited edition art printed discs.

    Gentle Giant

    Three Friends

    One of the greatest prog rock albums of the 1970s available only on US import, "Three Friends" by Gentle Giant was one of the most complex and intelligent albums of the golden age of British progressive rock. Full of virtuso musicianship and brain contorting time signatures, laced through with a conceptual lyric 'storyline' "Three Friends" has some of the most memorable tracks from this brilliant band.

    Bob Dylan

    Limited Edition Tour Box

    Canadian only tour box set from Bob Dylan features the albums "Greatest Hits", "Greatest Hits Vol II" (2xCD set,) and "Greatest Hits Volume 3" all packaged together in a slip case with a bonus CD sampler featuring four live unreleased tracks "Things Have Changed", a seven minute version of "Blowin' In The Wind", "Blind Willie McTell" and "Roving Gambler".

    Hundred Reasons


    Final single release, prior to their debut album.


    CDS2 Info: CDS2 includes "Seems To Register Zero", "Punctual If Nothing Else" plus exclusive enhanced section, with photos and tour diary.

    Roger Waters

    In The Flesh Live

      Here it is at last, the long awaited DVD from Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters. Waters toured the US for the first time in 12 years in 1999 / 2000 with his highly acclaimed "In The Flesh" show that presented, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of Waters' music including early Pink Floyd material, classic compositions from his Floyd masterpieces "The Wall", "Dark Side Of The Moon", "Animals", "Wish You Were Here" and "The Final Cut", songs from his solo works "Amused To Death" and "The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking" and the debut of a new song "Each Small Candle".

      Love Affair

      The Best Of The Good Times

      Steve Ellis is one of the best vocalists this country has ever produced but he came to fame just as people stopped wanting his brand of mod /soul / pop and wanted Plant, Osbourne or Gillan. The white soul of the band was lifted to a higher level by the Ellis voice but it couldn't save them from indifferent, changing audiences. Nevertheless this cheap compilation has some great tracks that you won't have heard before, as well as their well known hits.

      Simon And Garfunkel

      Wednesday Morning, 3 AM

      Their 1964 totally acoustic debut still has the freshness of youth and their folk roots influnces on many of the tracks. This features the original "The Sound Of Silence" and is now remastered with three extra tracks.

      Simon And Garfunkel

      Bridge Over Troubled Water

      One of the biggest selling albums of all time and their 1970 studio swansong as a duo, it was a stylistically diverse release that was a fitting finale to the most successful rock duo ever. Now remastered with a superb demo version of the title song as one of the bonus tracks, this is a timeless and essential classic.

      Mary Chapin Carpenter

      Time . Sex . Love

      A mature and accomplished set of 14 songs on the timeless subjects of love, sex and the passage of time, with Chapin Carpenter at the peak of her powers writing with an assurity and vision seldom found in the more disposable aspects of today's music industry.


      Drops Of Jupiter

        This San Francisco band with a penchant for the sort of sound popularised by the Black Crowes. The title track is the album's heart with swelling strings and chorded piano melody. Radio-friendly rock bands these days tend to be virtually the same as each other, but Train breaks out from the crowd and are worthy of your consideration.

        Bruce Springsteen

        Live In New York City

        This double CD will serve as the soundtrack for a broadcast version of "Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band" film. Tracks include "My Love Will Not Let You Down," "The River," "Youngstown", "Badlands" and a ten minute plus version of "Jungleland" and more.

        Shawn Colvin

        Whole New You

        The new album from grammy award winner Shawn Colvin featuring some of her best work yet including quality songs like "Whole New You" and "A Matter of Minutes".


        Want You Bad


        CDS2 Info: CD2 includes: "All I Want(Live)" and "Autonomy".

        CDS Info: CD1 includes: "The Kids Aren't Alright (Live)", "80 Times" and the video of "Want You Bad".

        Loudon Wainwright III

        Album III

        Wainwright is an enigma. He's well known, his fans adore him but his album sales have been less than they should have been. 'Album III' is a case in point; after his first two acoustic albums he released his first electric album on Columbia, got a huge hit single(Dead Skunk) and promptly dropped off the wagon big stylee, all the pain and pathos is in evidence here.

        The Offspring

        Original Prankster


        CDS Info: Includes "Come Out Swinging" and "Staring At The Sun - Live", plus a free poster.

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