Lily & Madeleine


Image of Lily & Madeleine - Fumes
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Asthmatic Kitty

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A year (to the day) after their sumptuous debut album, Lily & Madeleine return with beautiful second album ‘Fume’.

From the beginning, the calling card has been the breathtaking union of their voices and fans of the debut will not be disappointed.

The sound has evolved - the scope has broadened. Expansive, multi-layered instrumentation - like the sun slanting through a window in a Vermeer painting, it’s an experience that captures the subtleties of both shadow and light.


1 Fumes
2 Rabbit
3 Ride Away
4 Can't Admit It
5 Cabin Fever
6 The Wolf Is Free
7 Hold On To Now
8 Lips & Hips
9 Peppermint Candy
10 Blue Blades

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