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Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere - Remastered BOX SET Edition

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The Hardcover / full colour boxset is limited and numbered to 1000 copies only: it features the remastered original double album in its gatefold sleeve, the double album of extra material from the time - also in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. A single live album "bootleg" (pressed on neon yellow vinyl) from the 2000 USA tour called "California Jams", and a 70+ minute CD of material that is previously unreleased, culled from the dozens of rehearsal / demo archival CDrs that Simon Price has from this time. Various items of ephemera are also included in the box. a full size 8 page booklet will be inserted in album one with sleeve notes, pictures, track information, in the live album will be a full size 8 page photo /tour diary attempting to detail some of the USA 2000 tour. a huge 4 foot by 2 foot folded poster with the classic blue/red girl tshirt image, a vinyl sticker of same image, and a Download code postcard with a link to Download the two LPs as MP3. The box itself with then be wrapped in a specially printed Heads tote bag.

The 2nd album in The Head’s impressive canon, was originally released on Sweet Nothing Records in July 2000; now, 14 years later “Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere” has been repackaged with a full compliment of bonus material from that period (7” tracks, B-sides, Mans Ruin 10” / CD tracks, Radio 1 session tracks, and compilation tracks). All the tracks have been fully re-mastered by Simon Price and Shawn Joseph.

Broken hands, lost Rickenbackers, and sliced tendons aside, The Heads – Simon Price (guitar, vocals), Hugo Morgan (bass), Wayne Maskell (drums) and Paul Allen (guitar) - hit many highs during this time. The first British band to release records on Frank Kozik’s famed Man’s Ruin label, (the ‘Delwyn's Conkers’ and ‘Mao Tinitus’ 10”s) recorded two Radio 1 sessions (Mark Radcliffe and their second John Peel session), featured on various “scene-defining” compilations and toured Europe and US West Coast.
Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere is the bands favourite album. It represents the full force of the Heads’ psychedelic pummel, their trippiest most psyche collection, brutal yet beautiful.

Strap in. Let go.

This long awaited and meticulously put together reissue of Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere will be available as a lavish 5 LP boxset, a double CD package, a double LP as well as the obligatory MP3 download.


Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere:
Side 1:

01. Legavaan Satellite
02. Thumbs
03. Fuego
04. Kraut Byrds

Side 2:
05. Could Be…
06. #’75
07. Wobble
08. Barcoded
09. Song No 1
10. My My

Side 3:
11. Stab Railroad
12. Chrome Plated
13. Motorjam
14. Dirty Water

Side 4:
15. Pill Jam
16. Long Gone

Bonus Material (2xLP)
Side 1:
01. Delwyn's Conkers (Mark Radcliffe Session)
02. Gnu (Mark Radcliffe Session)
03. Mao Tinitus (Man's Ruin Version)

Side 2:
04. Could Be (John Peel Session)
05. Legavaan Satellite (John Peel Session)
06. You Can Lean Back Sometimes (John Peel Session)
07. Post Relaxation (John Peel Session)

Side 3:
08. Demonizer 48/48 (Gnu CDEP Track)
09. Snakepit (Man's Ruin Version)
10. Dirty Water (Butcher’s Hook / Man's Ruin Version)

Side 4:
11. Legavaan Satellite (Man's Ruin Version)
12. You Can Lean Back Sometimes (Rocket / Man's Ruin Version)

California Jams
Side 1:

01. Widowmaker
02. Legevaan Satellite
03. Demoniser 48/48
04. Steamroller

Side 2:
05. Fuego
06. False Heavy
07. Spliff Riff

Bonus CD:

Exclusive To This Boxset, This CD Featuring Demo Material From The Period.

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