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Flying Scroll Flight Control

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Half-handed Cloud’s ‘Flying Scroll Flight Control’ presents Dada interior-architectural songs, in the mode of Kurt Schwitters’ ‘Merzbau’, the sound of Robert Rauschenberg’s cardboard combines, interrupted by Futurist noise intoner music of collision. They’re integrated with the radiant flicker of Stan Brakhage’s domestic / personal 1960s art films, the mechanized music of Conlon Nancarrow, Mister Rogers’ avant-garde children’s operas and the methods of Grunge era hometaping alchemists Eric’s Trip, with scriptures giving voice to the unknown.

The album features a 5-person female choir, manipulated recording tape, fuzz bass, clarinet, some piano, a child’s Magnus air organ, rhythmic zipper, trombone, a cushioned Stylophone stick and intermittent backpacker guitar.

Mixed by Sufjan Stevens.

Mastered by John Dieterich (from Deerhoof).

“Sometimes, the songs have an appeal reminiscent of a hypercaffeinated Shins, with the addition of a refined sense of quirkiness that evokes a Mark Mothersbaugh score for a Wes Anderson movie.” - Pitchfork

“The usual intricate assortment of horns, pianos and marimbas return to fill out the sonic tableau but the synthesized textures push Ringhofer toward a delightfully idiosyncratic white-boy soul aesthetic.” - Paste Magazine


Pneumatic Mystery Envelopes
Sensei Says
What Spins, By Your Hand Was Spun
Debtors To Greeks & Barbarians
Titus Three
We Toil And Struggle
He’s Already On Everyone’s Side
Psychic Failure, Utmost Patience
Enlightenment In The Way
Even If Angels Arrive With Plausible News
Fetus, I Am Not Out Of My Mind
He Can’t Deny Himself
We Speak Of What We Know
Live As The Children Of Light Inside Of You
Secret Wisdom Intervening
Tablets Breathing Their Last Breath
Now The Veiled Faces Can Breath
Flying Scroll Flight Patrol

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