Marshall Jefferson

The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)

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In the words of Notorious BIG, "and another one!" The latest Trax classics to get its reissue on is this total classic from Marshall Jefferson, which never fails to get the floor moving. Boasting a studio line up you could only dream of (written and recorded by Jefferson, produced by Virgo with Ron Hardy on the mix) this is the ultimate in hands aloft wild dancefloor abandon, and has been for nearly 30 years now. The infectious piano melody, loose and jacking drums and an irresistible bassline will have you throwing more shapes than a ten year old boy at a family function, while that timeless vocal expresses all you need to know about dancefloor hedonism. The other three mixes on the EP are slight variations on the theme, not straying too far away for the simple genius of the original but allowing you to pick the perfect arrangements for your mixing needs. If you've ever set foot on a dancefloor, then I'd wager you need this in your life.  


Move Your Body
Dub Your Body
Drum Your Body
House Your Body

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