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Eglo Records are proud to present Fatima's highly anticipated debut album 'Yellow Memories'. Featuring production work from the likes of Floating Points, Theo Parrish, Oh No, Scoop DeVille, Computer Jay, Knxwledge and more... the velvet toned Swede has truly crafted something special.

Offering a modern take on classic soul and R&B, the album strikes a beautiful balance of cutting edge, contemporary production, soulful expression, melancholic introspection and vibrant, candy coated melody. An accomplished singer / songwriter with a stunning range, her prowess and versatility are a force not to be reckoned with. As powerful and mesmerising on stage as she is in the studio, Fatima possesses a talent heard all to rarely in todays musical climate.


David says: Produced by a stellar cast including Theo Parrish and Floating Points, Fatima's 'Yellow Memories' is a SOUL album in the truest sense of the word, a much needed reminder that, in song writing, what you choose to leave out is as, if not more, important than what you put in. Offering a modern take on the classic nu soul of Erykah Badu and D'Angelo, the album strikes a beautiful balance between cutting edge, contemporary production and melancholic introspection: All of which is realised perfectly on the record's best track "Do Better" featuring the horn section of Floating Points Ensemble replaying 100% Pure Poison's soul bomb "Puppet On A String". So, if your idea of soul is a basement, a red light and a feeling then brother (or sister!), this is the album for you. Just remember to check that eight octave vocal range at the door.

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