Mark Berube

Russian Dolls

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Two Gentlemen

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Mark Berube is one of Canada's most captivating and unfaltering talents, having devoted himself with the spirit of a craftsman to the art of song over the course of the last decade. With one foot rooted in the folk music tradition of story-telling, the poetry of spoken-word and the other planted in a childhood love of South African music, psychedelic folk pop and a smattering of jazz, Berube has a broad and eclectic base from which to build his albums, all bound together by his warmly potent voice. His shadowy co-conspirator Kristina Koropecki adds layers of cello, autoharp, saw and a classical music vocabulary to the mix, resulting in rich, lush and adventurous sonic landscapes.


1. Russian Dolls
2. Confessions To A Streetlight
3. Carnival
4. Ethiopia
5. Oak Tree
6. Queen And Country
7. Mississippi Prom
8. Cardinal Cloven Light
9. The Good The Bad And The Photograph
10. Another Century
11. Beer Garden

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