Tomas Barfod

Love Me

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Secretly Canadian

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Tomas Barfod’s first album, ‘Salton Sea’, was one of the most lauded electronic debuts, with Pitchfork, Dazed and GvsB giving it accolades. Now he releases his second album, ‘Love Me’, his debut for Secretly Canadian.

Featuring guest vocals from Luke Temple, Sleep Party People, Night Beds and a stunning collaboration on a number of songs with Swedish singer Nina K, the album is gaining plaudits internationally.

‘Love Me’ straddles the divide between songwriting, electronic dance and out and out pop music perfectly. The soundtrack to your Summer.


1 Bell House (feat. Luke Temple)
2 Pulsing (feat. Nina K.)
3 Destiny's Child
4 Busy Baby (feat. Nina K.)
5 Honey (feat. Sleep Party People)
6 Aftermath (feat. Nina K.)
7 Blue Matter (feat. Jeppe Kjellberg)
8 Waiting For Us (feat. Nina K.)
9 Mandalay
10 Sell You (feat. Night Beds)
11 Lost (feat. Pell)

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