Omar Souleyman

Jazeera Nights: Folk & Pop Sounds Of Syria - RSD Vinyl Edition

Image of Omar Souleyman - Jazeera Nights: Folk & Pop Sounds Of Syria - RSD Vinyl Edition
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Sublime Frequencies

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This retrospective features live recordings spanning 15 years of Omar's tireless repertoire, and is rife with frenzied Syrian Dabke (a regional folkloric dance and party music), Iraqi Choubi and a host of Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish styles, among others -- an amalgamation that exemplifies the musical essence of Northeastern Syria. Culled from cassettes recorded between 1995 and 2009, this collection offers a further rare glimpse into Syrian street-level Dabke folk-pop – a phenomena seldom heard in the West, not previously deemed serious enough for export by the Syrians and rarely, if ever, included on the import agenda of worldwide academic musical committees. Over the years, Souleyman's popularity has risen steadily and the group tirelessly performs concerts throughout Syria and has accepted invitations to perform abroad in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. In 2006, Sublime Frequencies partnered with Omar to release Highway to Hassake, the first compilation of his works to be issued in the West. The success of this release and the video for the song "Leh Jani" helped see Souleyman and his group invited for their first Western tour in 2009 alongside label-mates Group Doueh from the Western Sahara. This successful tour quickly elevated Souleyman to the status of an international legend -- and deservedly so.


1. Hafer Gabrak Bidi (I Will Dig Your Grave With My Hands)
2. Ala Il Hanash Madgouga (The Bedouin Tattoo)
3. Hot Il Khanjar Bi Gleibi (Stab My Heart)
4. Labji Wa Bajji Il Hajar (My Tears Will Make The Stones Cry)
5. Dazeitlak Dezzelli (I Signal, You Deny)
6. Li Raja Behawakom (I Beg You, Baby)
7. Kell Il Banat Inkhatban (All The Girls Are Engaged)
8. Mandal (I Don't Know)
9. Eih Min Elemkom (From The Day That I Told You)

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