Marcellus PIttman

Do You Like Music EP

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After several months of silence Downbeat is here again with a HUGE coup, the 3 chairs assassin and officially the nicest guy in Detroit, Marcellus Pittman is the man responsible for "Do You Like Music EP". "Our time is now" skillfully mixes a Detroitian sound palette with Downbeat's penchant for Valium-induced slowness and pace, slowly unloading fluttering keys, velvety pads and clickity-click MPC rhythms on our willing ears. Beautifully serene and sure to slowly pull you in with its hidden charms. "Extra Credits" is executed in a similar vein, Pittman fitting into the Downbeat template with the ease and sophistication of someone who knows and respects the labels smacky grooves. This particular track has so much hidden syncopation and details that it is the very essence of the Downbeat label! "Happy To Be Here" throws us a dark curveball; a gloomy, sludgy hip-hop instrumental scraped fresh off the pavement from some East-side ghetto. Gruff! Essential stuff from this cult label.

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