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Romancing The Stone

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FXHE (^^^)

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The man known as Alex Omar Smith drops another double pack via his FXHE label. Last year's quad-pack (split across two releases) ended up charting in my end-of-year top 20, and as expected, became an Official Detroit Classic©. So it's with great excitement that we reveal the new shit for 2014! Smith's split four tracks across four sides of wax, making for maximum fidelity and loudness on the pressing. "Leave" kicks things off - a chuggy Detroit techno romp full of crashing hats, rubbery basslines and a charged dynamic. A near-epic track, riddled with emotion and energy and certain to cause more than just a few goosebumps on the dancefloor - 'taps aff' might even get declared when this baby drops. Title track "Romancing The Stone" has a beautiful gleefulness about it. The keyboard motif and simple string line elevating it to a world of foot-long smiles, dancing pixies and technicoloured flowers falling from the heavens. "Frogs" follows and is unbelieevably funky! A catchy guitar lick and squelchy bass accompanying reverberated talking percussion and a cheeky little acid hit. The track evolves into a full on gremlin attack, taking us deep within some medieval lair and setting the 303s and reverb chambers to work. Mind-bogglingly good! "Surpass" concludes the set and sees Omar S go to work on the pianos. Layering up lots of jazzy licks, emotional sweeps and twinkling solo work, this track'll kill any big main room hall, the sheer size and power of the production set to overwhelm even a space like Deep Space NYC. Omar S could be accused of bad value for money - only four tracks on a double pack of wax; but these four tracks are stone cold keepers. All given extended workouts. Put it this way - if separate 12"s this good came out in ten years time - you'd happily be paying £20+ for the chance to own them. And if you work it out - these only work out a £4.25 a cut - a bargain if you ask me! Recommended.


A. Leave
B. Romancing The Stone
C. Frogs
D. Surpass

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