Scott Fraser / Mushrooms Project

Horn Wax Eight

Image of Scott Fraser / Mushrooms Project - Horn Wax Eight
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Horn Wax

About this item

The ever reliable Horn Wax returns with another couple of machine funk chuggers for the future industrial types at the ALFOS parties. First behind the controls is Axis man Scott Fraser, who dishes up a super heavy bass driven slo-mo industrial techno cut which goes by the name "The Arch". As dark and menacing as it gets this one builds and builds while pinning you to the wall with a throbbing bass sequence. Eventually, once you've been pummelled into submission, Scott takes his foot off your chest and picks you up high with some techy stabs. It's already at the top of Dave Walker's weekly picks, and we know he's never wrong. On the flip, Mushrooms Project offer something a little less bruising with the stargazing "Analogue City", a cosmic disco gem packed with rippling synth sequences, sonic explosions and Floydian guitar histrionics. Time slows as you hurtle through the galaxy on this zero gravity journey.

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