Mustafa / Abdul - Inc. Timothy J Fairplay / Juju & Jordash Remixes

Image of Khidja - Mustafa / Abdul - Inc. Timothy J Fairplay / Juju & Jordash Remixes
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(Emotional) Especial

About this item

(Emotional) Especial welcomes the debut EP from Romanian duo Khidja. After remixing Baris K's '200' earliering on for the label, here they deliver two Eastern influenced pieces of dubby electronics, that are backed with remixes from Timothy J. Fairplay and Juju & Jordash. Khidja appeared on Especial's radar after a call from one Mr Sean Johnson (A Love From Outer Space / Hardway Brothers) to say he'd DJd in Bucharest and that two young DJs had closed the party with an amazing track that on enquiry turned out to be their own production. And so 'Mustafa' soon arrived. This was followed by 'Abdul' and before Teressa May could shout "the Romanians are coming!", the tracks were handed over to the care of Timothy J Fairplay (The Asphodells / Crimes Of The Future) and fellow cross border travellers, Juju & Jordash (Real Soon / Dekmental) for induction and reinterpretation. 'Mustafa' is more immediate with shuffle percussion, swirling sirens and acid bubbles leading to a perfect horn break In the hands of Mr Fairplay though, a bigger, bolder version is seen. The word anthem is bandied around too easily at times, but when aired by Mr Weatherall, this reinterpretation, with its stabbing bass and build, has seen howls of delight wherever it's played. 'Abdul' on the other coin, is the calming influence. Art of Noise style vocals, kick and bass keeping things simple, dub and echo enticing the slow-mo groove to swing before Eastern melodies take it away. Bass is the dominant force in the Juju & Jordash remake. A reminiscent, Balearic guitar is plucked from under the melody and throb to recall forgotten lands and complete a memorable debut.

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