Burnt Hills

Non Compos Mentis

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Golden Lab

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For the past ten years, Albany, New York free-rock family Burnt Hills have gotten together every Monday night in the basement of the now legendary Helderberg House (in fact the home of the band's head honcho Jackson Wingate) and blown out the cobwebs of sanity with monstrous, chooglin', improvised jams that pay only the barest of mind to the platitudes of rock form. As the layers of guitars build and build, the very notion of structure is pushed to its absolute extremities and the result is an ecstatic, cacophonic wall of soloing that smashes open the boundaries set by more tepid rock forms (kraut-, space-, even noise-). The four walls that contained this gnarling, celebratory howl - their 20th album to date - withhold a secret that few, except those lucky enough to have attended one of the band's fabled house parties, know about. Because Burnt Hills almost NEVER play outside their Helderberg Headquarters. This is a dispatch from the very epicenter of extremity. Fans of Les Rallizes Denudés, Castrato Attack Group, Endless Boogie will have the proverbial cow.

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