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Junglish-footwork flux by one of UK bass music's figureheads. Excellent sophomore album including collaborations with DJ Die, Sam Binga, MC DRS and Josefina. Boomkat wrote about Addison Groove's debut album "Transistor Rhythm" from March 2012: "Addison Groove, drawing on juke, electro, dubstep, ghetto-house and jeep-rocking hip-hop variants to create super-heavy bass music, leaves you with no alternative but to dance and/or bite your lower lip raw." The dancing and lip biting parts still count for his follow up "James Grieve", but the influences and music genres have slightly changed. There's a strong jungle influence present from beginning to end. "James Grieve" is also less raw and jackin' than the predecessor and seamlessly combines spacious, laid back and more rollin' tracks with a bunch of straight forward club bangers. While "Transistor Rhythm" was definitely Chicago inspired, "James Grieve" is pure Bristol through-and-through.


CD Tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Just You Feat. Josefina
3. Warped
4. 11th Feat. Sam Binga
5. Malus
6. Space Apples
7. One Fall Feat. Josefina
8. The Spirit Level
9. Bad Seed
10. Abandon Feat. Josefina
11. 167 Blast Feat. DJ Die
12. Cultivate
13. Rzor Feat. Sam Binga & MC DRS
14. Ain't It Love.

LP Tracklisting:
A1. Warped
B1. Rzor Feat. Sam Binga & MC DRS
B2. Space Apples
B3. One Fall Feat. Josefina
C1. 167 Blast Feat. DJ Die
D1. Bad Seed
D2. Ain't It Love

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