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English Oceans

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Drive-By Truckers release their new album ‘English Oceans’ through ATO Records.

‘English Oceans’, the band’s 12th release, is an elegantly balanced and deeply engaged new effort that finds the group refreshed and firing on all cylinders. “It can go from this chainsaw rock ‘n’ roll to this very delicate, pretty-sounding stuff,” says singer and guitarist Mike Cooley.

‘English Oceans’ was recorded over 13 days at Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, GA with the band’s longtime producer David Barbe.


Sh*t Shots Count
When He’s Gone
Primer Coat
Pauline Hawkins
Made Up English Oceans
The Part Of Him
Hearing Jimmy Loud
Til He’s Dead Or Rises
Hanging On
Natural Light
When Walter Went Crazy
First Air Of Autumn
Grand Canyon

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