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Mid 90s Sound Factory-era Chez Damier bangers, re-issued here on KMS. All untitled, the A side is given up to a steady, pulse-led groove with plenty of umph but quite minimalistic in its approach, arrangement and dynamics. This just bubbles away consistently through its course, adding the odd vocal snippet or drum fill to keep you from losing it completely it its hypnotic repetition. Perfect for getting the floor simmering early doors. The B side opens with a tough jacker, utilizing great vocal parts that are synonymous of that Sound Factory (and Paradise Factory here in Manchester!) style. Luscious strings cascade through the track during the bridges and a nice squelchy lead plugs away through the mid sections. The same ideas are explored (or remixed) on final track, which is an alternative version of the B1. It's a real shame Chez didn't name any of these tracks, as they're all great, however I can see some embarrassing / amusing moments around the DJ box or on the blogosphere as I-pod / Serato enthusiasts try to work out how the hell they're gonna get their hands on 'the yellow centre label Chez Damier record with 3 untitled tracks on it'.... tee hee.

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