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One of the most remarkable unheard albums of 1969, Genesis, the sole release by San Francisco-based sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower, has emerged as an acclaimed pop-psych touchstone. Brimming with melodic confections and laced with radiant, sisterly harmonies, the set’s breezy Brazilian splashes and soft-rock strains convey a sophistication that belies the artists’ tender ages (Wendy, 17; Bonnie, 13). The album has grown over the years in importance, and has influenced a generation of psychedelic pioneers, from Broadcast to Stereolab to Welsh rockers Super Furry Animals ( who sampled the duo on their hit "hello Sunshine"). This 180 gram single-lp edition is an exact replica of the original 1969 pressing, with fully restored cover art and incredible sonics mastered from the original reels.


Let Yourself Go Another Time
The Paisley Window Pane
I Realized You
By The Sea
You Keep Hanging Up On My Mind
It’s What’s Really Happening
Five O’Clock In The Morning
Endless Pathway
Children Laughing
The Winter Is Cold

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