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Smoke Fairies’ outstanding new album, the eponymously titled ‘Smoke Fairies’, shows the band in top form, combining their classic approach whilst exploring new forms of musical expression - but it is an album that they nearly didn’t make.

In the six years since Smoke Fairies’ Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies first entered a recording studio they have made two critically acclaimed albums, supported on tours with Bryan Ferry, Richard Hawley and Laura Marling, and had a single released on Jack White’s Third Man Records, but for all the perceived glamour of a musical career, they were still sharing a house in Peckham and waiting for something to happen while they worked temp jobs around London.

However, with the question now raised, Smoke Fairies were able to really take stock and reassess what the band truly meant to them. “We realised that this is our life,” says Davies. “And we just have to see it as this wonderful thing, every gig we get to play and every record we get to make - we’re just incredibly grateful for that.”

Smoke Fairies yearned for movement and forward momentum. They wanted to make an album that wasn’t simply recorded live, but rather presented songs that were pored over, puzzled-out, polished and produced. “We wanted to feel that we had dissected everything back to its basic bones,” says Davies, “and then for every song to kind of shimmer.”

The result is a remarkable set of songs, notable not only for their strength and robustness, but also a sense of experimentation. The sheer liberation Blamire and Davies felt at using synths for the first time is evident in tracks such as the irresistible ‘Your Own Silent Movie’ and the beautifully compelling ‘Drinks And Dancing’. Davies and Blamire’s sublime voices still stand to the fore, and tracks like ‘Want It Forever’ are lined with a deliciously bluesy skuzzyness. This may not be the sort of album you ever expected Smoke Fairies to make, but it is an extraordinary record - bracing, sensual and defiant - and one that promises an exciting musical future.


1. We’ve Seen Birds
2. Eclipse Them All
3. Shadow Inversions
4. Waiting For Something To Begin
5. Hope Is Religion
6. Your Own Silent Movie
7. Misty Versions
8. Drinks And Dancing
9. Want It Forever
10. Koto
11. The Very Last Time
12. Are You Crazy?

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