Secret Squirrels

No. 3

Image of Secret Squirrels - No. 3
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Secret Squirrels

About this item

More nuts stuff for the dancefloor from the Secret Squirrel the third in this limited edition series of vinyl-only releases. The A-side sees our mysterious rodent get stuck into Moonshoes' French disco obscurity "Boogieland" which does everything you'd want from such a re-booted tune: mid-tempo 4/4 rhythm slap, filtered female vocal chorus loop, funky guitar licks and super Moogy bassline. Meanwhile the flip takes Blair's classic boogie soul slinker "Nightlife" on a slo-mo acid chugathon. The slow build up to the vocal really pushes the adds to the anticipation here. A simple idea done very well. Cut loud and built for maximum club use. Dancefloor devastation is guaranteed! 

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