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Sky is Hell Black will be available on limited edition LP. It was recorded through the winter of 2012 in Mexico City, in a house where Remi used to live as a child. Alberto Gonzalez (Beto or “The Obsolete” from Mexican psych duo Lorelle Meets the Obsolete) was responsible for recording and mixing. The band just completed their first tour of the west coast of the USA. Expect to see Has A Shadow hitting US soil again in early 2014.

Sky is Hell Black hits you with a wall of sound that emanates from the darkest corners of the Mexican interior. Listening to this album is like being shrouded in a veil of fog at the moment a massive storm takes over a barren metropolis. The experience of drone gets charged with anticipation when you realize that the storm is about to hit.

Victor “Remi” Garay plays the bass, Rodolfo Samperio plays guitar, and Daniel Garciano plays guitar and electric organ in addition to providing the vocals. The Obsolete plays drums for the album and contributed guitar tracks to some of the songs.

They have hooked up with Captcha Records, “one of the finest experimental / psych labels around” according to Weed Temple. Captcha has brought you the debut records of Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, onYou, GA’AN, and Dreamsalon in addition to working with Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Phil Cohran and Eddy Current Suppression Ring. This album is recommended if you like Rowland S. Howard, Dark Mountain Echo, Cult of Dom Keller and Dead Moon. We suggest you take our word on it.

“Amongst the ranks of the lo-fi psychedelic circle, we present you with another outstanding band from Guadalajara, Mexico.” – Hologram Skies.


1. John Lennon 05:53
2. Sky Is Hell Black 05:33
3. Don't 05:54
4. Can't Stop The Fall 04:03
5. May Never 04:39
6. Drive 06:04
7. Poison In Me 03:28
8. The Way 04:30
9. Untitled 03:30

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