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Favorite Recordings offshoot Stix Records is back with a full album of reggae cover versions of pop / funk / soul songs. This time round we get a selection of old favourites given a reggae-disco twist, along with four new and exclusive productions.

Many artists faithful to the stable of Favorite Recordings and its various sub-labels are invited for the occasion: The Dynamics, Blundetto, Grandmagneto, 7 Samurai, John Milk or Taggy Matcher. All came and brought their respective touch to this first compilation, with among other things some of the rarest titles from their Big Single Records’ years. Each of them delivers a great reggae-disco version of classic hits by some artists as diverse as Madonna, Herbie Hancock, Justin Timberlake, The Commodores, The O’Jays, Curtis Mayfield, Harry Nilsson or Sugarhill Gang.


Side 1
1. Chameleon (Taggy Matcher Disco Mix) (4:46)
2. Money (7 Samurai Disco 12" Version) (5:05)
3. Music (The Dynamics Disco 7" Version) (4:45)
4. Brick House (Taggy Matcher Disco Mix) (4:14)
Side 2
1. Suit & Tie (John Milk Reggae Version) (4:29)
2. Everybody's Talkin (Blundetto & Grandmagneto Original 7" Version) (3:18)
3. Rapper's Delight (Taggy Matcher Dub Version) (3:36)
4. Move On Up (The Dynamics Original 7" Version) (4:55)
5. Saturday Night Fever (Grandmagneto Original 7" Version) (3:43)

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