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I Fear A New World

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Cold Crows Dead will release their debut album ‘I Fear A New World’ through Raygun Records on 2nd December. A collaborative project from Murray Macleod, the charismatic frontman of The Xcerts, and gifted producer/songwriter Paul Steel (Mika, Empire of the Sun, Pnau, Saint Raymond), the album also features lyrics by poet/songwriter Stephen John Kalinich, famous for his work with The Beach Boys and on Dennis Wilson’s classic ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’. Backed by the rest of The Xcerts, the band will embark on a UK tour in December. Inspired by the melancholic psychedelia of Sparklehorse, former housemates Murray and Paul began writing music together a few years ago. A short time later Mark Linkous, leader of Sparklehorse, committed suicide and what began as one song evolved into an eleven-track album. Recorded at Paul's home studio, ‘I Fear A New World’ features a myriad of instruments including theremin, mellotron, horns, strings, vintage drum machines, analogue synthesizers and everything in between. Utilising 'found sounds' and unconventional recording techniques, Cold Crows Dead recorded themselves drowning in a bathroom sink, recruited an OAP choir to perform at the end of the track 'Gone', distorted their vocals, “reversed everything that didn't work” and recruited Stephen John Kalinich to exhibit his poetic mastery on 'Man In Bleak'.


1. Ghost That Burned Your House Down
2. Killer Party
3. Loves In, Loves Out
4. Deadheads
5. Man In Bleak
6. Hold It Together
7. Scarred And Thoughtless
8. My Shovel
9. Screaming At Shadows
10. Gone
11. Devils Won

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