Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy

The Midnight Cruise

Image of Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy - The Midnight Cruise
Record Label
Fasaan Records

About this item

For Fasaan's third release, the label have unleashed their disco special number 1, and special it is indeed! On the A-side, "Midnight Cruise Part 1" comes rattling out the speakers with the hard hitting clatter of conga and some Walter Gibbons vs Arthur Russell organ stabs. Scratchy disco guitar, camp laser blasts and a gem of a bassline all follow in due course as the track unfurls into a super extended dub-disco workout extraordinaire. Honestly, this track is so hot and heavy, so real and living that it's sweating through its lycra.  On the flip, "Midnight Cruise Part 2", slows things down a tad and amps up the bass for optimum syncronized thrusting as the elements are taken from the dancefloor to the bedroom. Slinky, sexy and ready to keep you up all night. "Midnight Cruise Part 3" wraps an arm round you and lights a cigarette as you both ly back exhausted gazing at the stays. The yacht's drifting free right now, approaching the warmer waters of the Caribbean. 


A1. Midnight Cruise Part 1
A2. Midnight Cruise Part 2
B1. Midnight Cruise Part 3

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