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This blues / soul / funk concept album was originally released on Mankind in 1971 and is re-released here on vinyl with the original gatefold jacket. Produced at Muscle Shoals by Swamp Dogg, this album took ZZ Hill onto the charts three times. The CD version includes eight bonus tracks and new liner notes by Swamp Dogg (the new liner notes will be available on line for download). Blues singer ZZ Hill made records for Atlantic, Kent, and in 1971 scored his first big hit for United Artists, followed by others on Columbia. In the 80's he single-handedly started a blues revival in the USA with the smash-it "Down Home Blues".

"The Brand New ZZ Hill" was originally marketed as a Blues Opera, an oddity back in the early seventies, and was written by Swamp Dogg and Gary Bonds. When released it hit both the Billboard Top 200 and the R&B charts and sold over a million singles via six releases. The album has been remastered for this release and is presented here with its original album cover. "Every time I speak of Z.Z. HILL or listen to his recordings I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever met in the music industry that was more gentlemanly, kind, gracious, generous, and talented as he was." – SWAMP DOGG.


1. It Ain’t No Use
2. Ha Ha (Laughing Song)
3. Second Chance
4. Our Love Is Getting Better
5. Faithful And True
6. Chokin’ Kind
7. Hold Back (One Man At A Time)
8. A Man Needs A Woman (A Woman Needs A Man)
9. Early In The Morning
10. I Think I’d Do It Bonus Tracks
11. Faithful
12. Just As I Am
13. Touch ‘Em With Love
14. The ZZ Thrill
15. I Think I’d Do It (version 2)
16. Early In The Morning (version 2)
17. Hold Back (One Man At A Time) (version 2)
18. Put A Little Love In Your Heart

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